• Your Blood

    ... more »

  • Your Captain

    Your captain is your soldier of joy,
    His description is like farming,
    Any one of you live with him,
    As your father occupied him,... more »

  • Your Career

    Yearning a school for learning purpose,
    Is giving the real content and accurateness,
    Like stiffening the tie
    Getting it in a lie... more »

  • Your Children

    ... more »

  • Your Cloth

    Your cloth, your evening and the way you
    Die, are some wildnesses of the wilderness.
    Admire it, so singing earth is blossoming,
    In orange flowers, sacred jokes and funny tiles.... more »

  • Your Cruelty

    Rest your cruelty, read along the lines,
    Worship all that adores and combines.
    This resting business catches my hand
    And throws my weight, all the land.... more »

  • Your Death

    The death of you, the blame fell on you,
    Like a feather has fallen in steam.
    We are in flames, we are in flames,
    Frightened by those aims and flares.... more »

  • Your Detailed Verses

    The films of your details are extinct,
    The literate and letters themselves are exalted.

    One image is adequate for the soul,... more »

  • Your Drama

    Your drama is half-eaten like a toad has been caught,
    Faces rear ugly nuances, noise corrupts the young;
    One fellow after another creates fellowship and dramas.... more »

  • Your Dream

    Your dream is colourful like the summer,
    And its change is like variety of the wildflower.

    Your dreams inhabit the brain with joy,... more »

  • Your Dreams Are Mine

    You dream so beautifully in your sweet mind,
    Your cares benefit the other souls of Paradise,
    But those who find fighting and distress, abhor you.... more »

  • Your Face

    Your face is smiling due to age,
    My age will erupt in your face
    And show laughter as well, like a page;
    May the gods turn over their airspace.... more »

  • Your Fiery Heart

    Look at your water-like heart, fiery with blood,
    Flowing with blood, withering away this time.
    Its enemies connect to arbitrary values of time,
    Look at the earth and fire, of this life and call.... more »

  • Your Fire Is My Fire

    Your fire is purpler than the soul in a furnace,
    Treading on leavened bread is soft and tough.
    For the fires are fit to die and leap into chasms,
    One fights their journeys towards the cities.... more »

  • Your Flowers

    Your flowers are sounding like snow,
    Their bells chime like the wind,
    With this noise is advertised a beauty and kindness
    To man the society of friends.... more »

  • Your Food

    ... more »

  • Your Future

    ... more »

  • Your Gods

    ... more »

  • Your Hands

    Dip your hands into the stream!
    The whole sky unwinds throughout,
    With tethered horses grazing.... more »

  • Your Heart Matters

    Your heart carries water of fire,
    This ardent organ is complete.
    It is a cup so rich in taste,
    My protector resides above.... more »

  • Your Innocence

    Your innocence brings order to us,
    It reminds us of our heaven,
    This religion is pure and crimeless.... more »

  • Your Love

    Your loves are staggering in performance,
    Belittling your hatred and your abhorrence.
    May kindness strike a heart full of zeal,
    To contaminate the evil men and women of the real.... more »

  • Your Mother

    Your mother is desperate for knowledge,
    My art is to teach her the deeds of acts;
    Those acts inside the acts become wiser,
    And everyday my action will benefit the mind.... more »

  • Your Pain Is Received

    Since you have received grief my folly has terminated,
    Your pain is my pain, and your face is mine only.
    Through the thought of your earthquake and talk of order,
    Our disorder grows stronger with the passing hour.... more »

  • Your Paradise Is Met

    Your paradise is met by tones of laughter,
    Offering you love from up above like openness,
    Ladders erected can surpass its beauty one
    Day, to speak of little words after guttural sounds.... more »