• Bird's Wings

    The bird's wing levels for the summation,
    It dived once more but now it flies straight;
    This evening is its dinner and lunch,
    Killing itself and its kids, forming a nest.... more »

  • Birth Of A Man

    birth of a man means holes
    and charred crushed roots
    lopped off to ponder this propulsion 
    slow.... more »

  • Birth Of Death

    The birth of the bishop was dying like the dye of red health,
    His elements of fidelity struck us dimmer than news of mortuaries.
    Embedded in the hearts of devolved spirits, one crane and one builder
    Rectified the conditions of the many folded documents,... more »

  • Birth Of Rope

    A dangling rope is a relative to the unknown,
    From the absorption of heat and cold the rope is alone;
    Jostled by the windy weather, a bit of string is enough
    To relish the conduct of war, the machine always rough.... more »

  • Bitter Animals

    The bitter animals compose a short message,
    An address to the public, advice for a friend,
    That I love it the way winners bring an adage,
    From advantages prospered and to ascend.... more »

  • Bitter Geese

    Bitter bitumen is fetched by the real men,
    The Goose is a fundamental animal of this place.
    For geese concern me from their appearance
    And they are bitter inwardly like real bitumen.... more »

  • Bitter Hearts

    Bitter fruits cast regrets to the lower heart,
    It grows pale and swollen by the hour,
    Turning into an orange of suffering and obedience.
    The heart is the actor of the lifetime,... more »

  • Bitter Images

    Bitter and bizarre images are erased
    When crowded curls explore the world of hair.
    Crabby speech entails suspicions,
    Dramatic are the consequences.... more »

  • Bitter Toast

    Bitter, lemon-flavoured and pickled
    Are the words of tiring age,
    Fuzzily undoing the grease of hard health,
    Freezing the size of time, and... more »

  • Bizarre Beasts

    Bizarre beasts are breezy once laughing,
    Clean and clear are their arts forever;
    Clever maps are driven, forming an illness,
    Deafening the ears of the traveller.... more »

  • Black Clouds

    Be careful and then rest to make the Black;
    The dead and those alive will wrestle clouds
    Of chivalrous knights, too much to attack,
    That flesh bespeaks on little brittle shrouds.... more »

  • Black Holes

    A massive hell is overcoming me when I start,
    The space around is a little selfish for it stays;
    The universe may be angry, it may be sad
    But the whole world knows the whole planet.... more »

  • Black Is Godly

    The black images are again in the path,
    Opening the doors too swiftly and with settees
    Of comfort and attitude, feelings are aroused
    By the minutes.... more »

  • Black Prison

    Do not blacken my prison with hatred so greatly admired,
    Mighty is the fault so looked at, mighty crimes are in choirs.
    The rest of the school is like the people behind bars of white,
    Blackness carries a graveness so lined in this way.... more »

  • Black Wounds

    Black and attracted to the vacuum,
    A space is an endeavour of the word,
    It is language, it is spoken by tongues,
    For it spreads with sense and surprise,... more »

  • Blackberries And Strawberries

    Letting go of blackberries in favour of strawberries
    Creates illusion so that biochemistry defines collision.
    The bicentenary celebrations are nearby to relics
    Defending the faiths of their tranquillity,... more »

  • Blackened Land

    ... more »

  • Blades

    Do not mean to me with my blade,
    Confusing and skilled is the request.
    Nothing like roads, the daggers shift
    With their curved edges and skills to carve.... more »

  • Blank Pages

    Fierce are blank books triumphing over good,
    Then biggest literature is born for the bachelorhood.
    Fun are the readers to accompany, to admire
    For their effort and will, they are in their attire.... more »

  • Bless The Horse

    I spiritually bless you from far thoughts,
    My poetry entraps the infirm and ready;
    I bless your divinity when cool acts
    Sing along and state the belongings.... more »

  • Blessed Cats And Dogs

    Cats and dogs, aren’t they blessed?
    Causing the country to insist
    What the blows are to the chest.... more »

  • Blessed Day And Night

    A blessed night has arrived,
    The black sky is darker than ever,
    The correct blowing of the stars is upon us.
    Their heat is of light to us,... more »

  • Blessed Nights

    Be a song of the heart's shadow,
    I sing along with some bravado;
    This joining of the gallant lights,
    Is a fury of the blessed nights.... more »

  • Blessed Soul

    Anger is the money of the soul,
    Suppress it with your mind
    So that riches come,
    So that hind legs develop... more »

  • Blessed Time Of Solitude

    I behold an angel in the end
    I solve my life from the end
    I sell a story in the middle
    I laugh a little when I died... more »