• Children Today

    I open the way of feeling to everyone
    Who glances in my direction that stays.
    I frustrate the coldness of the air today,
    Eerie are the ways we splendidly follow... more »

  • Children?

    Children are the easily led,
    Their learning is profound,
    Their lift is happy and proud,
    Why do parents forgive them?... more »

  • Chills Of A Star

    One of those chills raises the scene of leaving,
    Because my eyes distil the vision like brightness;
    One arrived, one circled and stood for the chills,
    Charity was beckoning its ploy with everlasting... more »

  • Chimes Of Justice

    This I express to usual times,
    A sense of justice has chimes,
    No crimes, nor devils of hardness,
    Just innocent helpers and neatness.... more »

  • Chimes So Clear

    The chime is clear so thank it in every place,
    Towers are tall, like the object of descent, of
    The descendants so young and too old.... more »

  • Chinese Table

    May I join you in an hour?
    The table seems laid and ready for sweet-and-sour.
    The Chinese food is grand to the stomach and taste,
    We dine forever in grandness, so much in haste.... more »

  • Chirping Monsters

    He was chirping like an escaped bird,
    Wings were aloft in the stations
    Suppressing time and its quality
    From the start to the finish,... more »

  • Chords Are Broken

    Chords are broken in the mastered circles,
    Open him up with knife,
    Crickets can leap and chirp,
    Butter has been brought,... more »

  • Chosen Books

    Inhale now that the books are chosen,
    Turn them to inhabit them, occupying them.
    There is a reason for the thinking,
    A meaning to deliver to the brain.... more »

  • Chrysalis

    My chrysalis combines with craft
    To produce me from the substance
    You desire from suggestions.... more »

  • Circle And Triangle

    Stinging and duelling are happier quests,
    For to learn and inspire is a prize.
    This prize beats the questions,
    To ask the polite wonders is likely.... more »

  • Circle In Our Eyes

    The circle of light creates a bliss for all eternity,
    Heaven cannot spread the entire ointment we see
    In the concentric circles of this existence.
    The circle of light creates blueness when... more »

  • Circles In Circles

    Make circles in circles then entertain them,
    Pose new thoughts for the astute of this earth;
    One sees on a weekday the beginning of descriptions,
    A newspaper walks freely with new thoughts and men.... more »

  • City Swallowed

    The city is a work of art,
    That feared heaven and hell;
    From the sand-holes to tunnels
    Of the furious creatures of certainty.... more »

  • City-Dweller

    I look through the city with pride,
    It compels me with lawmaking,
    The gardens are full of employers,
    They are gardeners of the gardeners.... more »

  • Claiming Danger

    Never do reasons claim so many affairs?
    Criminals afflict the young with dallying
    And bullying,
    Those criminals work hardest at the rich.... more »

  • Clamour Of The Public

    One hears the public in their clamour,
    Offering mankind a morning of worries,
    Simply they are godly and stern,
    One has been aggravated by their gestures.... more »

  • Clapped Their Hands

    They clapped their hands hardly,
    What tragedy heaved the body?
    We had hands of desires,
    Feet of warmth and solitude.... more »

  • Clarified Heart

    Clarified by giving me a wretched heart,
    He clarified the possession of the mind.
    For the mind of my longing was perfect,
    Like the soul in its narrow avenue.... more »

  • Clashing Swords

    The sword clashes in mighty strokes with the stone,
    The stone splits from the massive tone of the alone.
    These slumbers write a mischief and outburst,
    To be booked and looked at, to be accursed.... more »

  • Class One

    Classy features are glamorous for those over theses
    That differ, that strangely admire and become chunky.
    My extra-large carelessness exhibits the defects
    Of a forgotten paper that bores at the cerebrum.... more »

  • Classes And Lectures

    They found adayago a silly man in the new shirt,
    A really good find that kept them away and running,
    To be listened to are these people who riot in heads.
    A dork I mean is a terrible man who fiddles on who... more »

  • Classical Times

    Often I have solutions
    To the many additions;
    I’m old now, why do I cry?
    My living needs to apply.... more »

  • Clean Like That

    Freedom from dirt is of washing up,
    Spreading the tablecloth and being fine.
    Use the handkerchief on the people who work,
    A tainted one shall require us to laugh aloud.... more »

  • Cleanness

    To this I please so far as I can see,
    Your eyes must be a winning agency;
    Life cares, life spares, to size and mounting work,
    This work will never cease for that old clerk.... more »