• Cold Ways

    Cold wars can be cold ways and are called the destination,
    Created are they who are callous in case there is a finish.
    Neutral nature is nastier than most nature and then most,
    But cold is not heat and warmth, ugly and accused is a single person.... more »

  • Colloquialism

    This colloquial word has been tremendous,
    The full word is a concise term, a love.
    For the sight of trouble needs these words,
    And they collide and collapse for better terms.... more »

  • Colossal Cabins

    Colossal cabins were missing from the vibrating mass,
    An operations deck was toggled with dressing,
    The hurried work seemed sufficient, and all-powerful.
    Martin left his cabin and ran down the corridor with spirits,... more »

  • Colour Of War

    The original colour of war was grey,
    Forming the ultimate reality of dread.
    For the march forwards built a complexion
    From the dusty roads that wound around... more »

  • Coloured Handkerchief

    I seized a coloured handkerchief,
    And wept on it for too many rides
    Of joy in this life we call the times.
    The roads are robberies, and the paths... more »

  • Colourful Dreams

    I feel some work of colour in the head,
    It’s a description of your pleasure.
    The colours sound different like a rainbow,
    But your bending of the light is so.... more »

  • Colourful Dresses

    Embrace with dresses so fired with colour,
    The stick of delight damages with neighing;
    Sadly, a trust has emerged for the naturalness
    To show and to demonstrate abundance.... more »

  • Colourful Herbs

    Colourful are the asterisks I must display,
    Find them now in their tasks that matter,
    Crucifix after crucifix, layers upon heavenly layers,
    Wonder of the highlighted segments, of heavens.... more »

  • Colours Of The Night

    Your finding is like colours of the night,
    This drove my exciting senses in some light.
    They loved the small children dying from cancer
    And I found their skin no trouble to answer.... more »

  • Combat Encounter

    After he opened the door,
    A monster was presented;
    It was a statue of stone for them,
    But now the statue was real.... more »

  • Combining With

    The adding and subtracting combined to make
    My numbers work like words and positions
    Offering powerful premises congealing in mud,
    Fitting to the eye that stares,... more »

  • Come And Love

    Come along, young boy of the woods,
    Come in the end to faint on wounds of blood,
    To be as fine as a death of a loose knot being untied,
    As you are negative and positive on the attitude you take in life.... more »

  • Come To Laws!

    Come to the spirit of the law,
    Open the books of goodness and gold.
    May the rich help speak well of you,
    Asking flowers and potions of wonder.... more »

  • Come To Reflect

    Come there, then here, to reflect on the beauty of mines
    And quarries that dazzle the major men and women.
    An old gold is stained here, like the blood of a scene,
    Or the strangling mood of a crowd of delinquents.... more »

  • Come To This Earth

    Come to this earth with open hands so
    That worlds are like your soul.
    Coming to the end of life, a little furniture
    Supervises the people who live in the house;... more »

  • Come With Me

    Come live with me, and be a certain staff,
    Ridiculing me only after I speak of insanity;
    I will be a bed of tulips, for you that makes me,
    Strife has accomplished the prison of flowers.... more »

  • Come With Your Weapon

    Come, friendly bombs, and descend on London
    The fits cascade on human sufferings or casualties
    They fit in the yesterdays, as a future too bereft
    Today concerns us when we ascertain the degree... more »

  • Comedy Is My Hobby

    The comedy is the hobby,
    Wool guides us in clothes
    To be the chair of worry.
    On eating berries, a careful man... more »

  • Comely Day

    An alluring sight saw you with itself,
    Appealing to the eyes, stagnant,
    Thus angelic and beauteous of course.
    Fair weather eludes the boundary,... more »

  • Comets Come

    Comets come from the froth of the sea,
    Righteous returns are from these designs;
    So entire populations wield their heads
    For the disbelief of the crowds so innocent.... more »

  • Comfortable Kindness

    The comfortable has a region,
    We have no excellent virtue
    But the virtue of virtues,
    For this compels our comfort.... more »

  • Comical Issues

    A colour and fountain which has given us all,
    Given us all the powerful paper and above,
    Enough would be said as super are people.
    The weird disease is upon us and livers are loving their goals,... more »

  • Commander-In-Chief

    Concerning the general staff is a problem,
    Emblematic of a war that is civil.
    Genius may strike, its hold so gleesome,
    Types of sin muster themselves and snivel.... more »

  • Commanding The Enemy

    In these ways we command the enemy to be cut
    Away from messages to do with God;
    These foul people cheerfully seek birds of conversation
    To do their talking according to the ways of an action.... more »

  • Commence The Days

    Commence the days with non-foolishness,
    And also your life is exactly the same help it gave you.
    You must never be stupidity, your actions are precious,
    LIke the guns and weapons of a real leader.... more »