• Construction

    The building thinks on its own,
    I am a constructive man
    About to work on a livid plain
    Under the stars, following ways.... more »

  • Contemplation

    The whole of contemplation is upon us
    When we drift to a trance of monumental kind.
    This is prayer, the whole of imagination,
    When invocation and supplication coexist.... more »

  • Contentment

    How does contentment be absurd?
    Those longing for torture are angered.
    They seek a bridge to cross all awkward,
    Understanding my spirit is a blizzard.... more »

  • Continuous Lock

    The lock is continuous in the stay on Earth,
    It looks like a foregone conclusion, of meat and fibre.
    The locks of a goal are strewn about in random fashion,
    Untie the knots to enter no region of despair,... more »

  • Contrive

    Sentences are constructed by the thoughts,
    As selfless behaviour is the mindful activity.

    Too much is behaving madly,... more »

  • Convenience

    Like the convenience of laughter
    It hopes of managing itself
    In a grassed plain, an enormous desert
    Of waste and landscape.... more »

  • Cool Guy

    Let the man in the mirror feel peace,
    Feel the emotional problems as no other.
    He fed on you to cast Himself adrift,
    To ruin your Life, I say. To ruin it!... more »

  • Coping With Bad Luck

    Diligence created me of latter days,
    Years of changeless time were always.
    Gods fed the spirit of our liking,
    Keeping hatred and antagonism but coping.... more »

  • Coral

    Whose winning has erupted like a volcano?
    The magma is hard, not soft, but intricate,
    And it is gift after gift for the lonesome.
    We pray and endeavour, pray and speak,... more »

  • Cosmic Truth

    If you know the truth to tell and hurt,
    Then warn the revolving doors of pain.
    For the realest sounds and rounds are faster
    Than the revolutions of the earth and sun.... more »

  • Cosmos

    The energy of Satan!

    My love crowds the galaxies of delight:... more »

  • County Court

    ... more »

  • Courtly Appearance

    A courtly appearance is along the path,
    So fasten your clothes and be glad.
    Hands are an offering to the criminal,
    Let them be burnt by the fire they wield.... more »

  • Covered In Envy

    I am covered in soot from too much fasting,
    Loathing the fuel I sustained,
    Looking at faces that married my glance.... more »

  • Cowardly Ways

    Cowardly as amazements we run in divergent ways,
    Clumsy and alluring with brightness and corrosion;
    The cruel crabs enter the highways of courage,
    Nauseating as a crustacean, madly in love.... more »

  • Craft Of The Head

    Bound to the craft of reading one suffices with
    Awkward dreams innocently retold by the pen.

    Binding with atoms is the present or gift for the... more »

  • Crawl In And Out

    Ghosts supply hatred to the body,
    Just when they crawl in and out.
    Having a heaven takes guts,
    Death is the precursor, death is an objective,... more »

  • Crawling Of The Night

    Those who crawl are this close to hands
    Of light stretching in far, far lands.
    Those who brawl shall fall into the hearts of men
    Whose only touch encompasses the light.... more »

  • Create Each Night

    Create each night with your sight,
    This conversation turns into love at sight,
    One married man is one married woman
    In a heavenly splendour of art and nothing.... more »

  • Create The Life

    Once we create the course of life,
    We ride and commit jesting and joking.
    A trained man has life, so much life,
    Then we train the symbols of love.... more »

  • Created By Heidegger

    Heidegger creates some strife for the being people,
    Yet each philosopher admires him for his zeal in words,
    Spoiling is the word of the religion, the helping carries on,
    And the reading is best for the subject of ontology.... more »

  • Creating Worlds

    Obey the creating of centuries by those in charge,
    Crashing and crawling is their majesty;
    They cause gambling, gaming and gangs,
    Fortuitous gains make a rising hill... more »

  • Creation

    I am suited to innocence as much as whiteness,
    And the dark skies witness behaved-ones.
    Looking in my direction the sunly objects fit my eye,
    Once ago I say.... more »

  • Creatures In The Night

    I see in the night a few eyes that look and behold
    The image I cast with the moon that glares and stares;
    I saw how many creatures reckon their lives are safe
    With the grabbing darkness, those that loiter and change.... more »

  • Creatures Of This Island

    Inside the islands of despair are creatures
    So divine that they emit rays of supreme manhood;
    Some of these primitive, perfect men are like ghosts
    Of the night, evil in nature as the progress shows.... more »