• A Follower Of Money

    Starting is like completing one job,
    To remark on this event is suited to heavenly conduct.

    Start on a daily work, forever in work and play,... more »

  • A Friend

    A friend is alone now, very solemn in praise of himself,
    Finding work and searching for help in strong conversation;
    He is now alone again, forcing the help of others as well
    By being absent, by being and doing all the employment of material.... more »

  • A Friend Is In Sight

    Seeing again must be prize worthy,
    It commands a sanctuary, worthy;
    This felt like eye and nose,
    Then those eyes turned like eyes... more »

  • A Funny Heart

    To be a funny heart is to laugh from it,
    Let us belittle the godlike properties in them,
    Forming a force of the ultimate design.... more »

  • A Gathering

    I loath all that does not exist like His Gathering,
    Killing this ideal has been rejected by those nearby.
    They are my neighbours, they are my pride,
    But what does it mean to the denizens of mighty homes.... more »

  • A Gesture Of The Night

    In a gesture roundly followed, I look to the horizon,
    As it always affronts us like the shortness of humans;
    My outermost belief of this background joy has been
    My crisis and light, in times of questions and doubts.... more »

  • A Ghost

    A ghost has arrived whilst in the house
    Your friend, no doubt, in hostile search
    For love and hatred and all things created
    Like the illness of crime and the master... more »

  • A Glittering Star

    A glittering star enlightens my mind,
    It houses the light of an eternal time.
    The little light gained by any observer
    Is just some sort of judgement.... more »

  • A God

    A god was about, fully moving,
    Leaning on a stick for the movement one day.
    Tonight He worked, higher than anyone,
    With a mind to reset, to accumulate acumen.... more »

  • A Good Home

    Send the man home, at his house,
    The stigma has attached to the brain,
    My love is home, my lovely place where nobody moves,
    Nothing is quite like itself, the way I move inside it;... more »

  • A Good Life

    Living outside those and these planets is funny,
    And I like fierce planets of natured tips and peaks.
    This is the better bargain of a Life without virtue,
    An opposite deal over and under the agreed art.... more »

  • A Gun

    A revolver has been blasted and cried for its purpose,
    Bullets are boosted into the super still sky, how disastrous!
    The guns commit selfish acts due on the day they conceive,
    Then they beget and discuss another life, another day to achieve.... more »

  • A Halting Step

    He takes a halting step backward,
    Standing in a broad, shallow hole or pit,
    Everywhere are these concentrated beings
    Of darkness and oblivion.... more »

  • A Hand

    An ancillary hand was believing in me,
    Hope turned to dust, I was crooked;
    Yet while I played with danger, and
    Danger played with my flame and fire,... more »

  • A Happy Relationship

    I speak with a happy elation, a rowdy relation,
    My rules of beneficial advice add to it daily.
    I spoke towards the heart with a gravitational
    Healing, a grave insolence of the offered soul.... more »

  • A Haunted Room

    It's a room full of ghosts, driving me mad,
    Dull and the same, with laughable faces.
    I relapse and ask why they torment with wishes,
    I never will believe in events of this thinking.... more »

  • A Heroic Love

    A hero has loved a spring of love,
    Happiness lies at his arms that defeat,
    This hero stopped all hope from entering
    The swinging lights of sleep.... more »

  • A Hidden Place

    A place is hidden on the map,
    May the paper adjust for the better.
    You may cry, you may end this matter,
    But adventure has resonance of pain... more »

  • A Hill

    A hill is in the sky much too high,
    Offering us a new scene too beautiful,
    But when is the strength to apply?... more »

  • A Hill Of Blood I Traverse

    Here or over the hill
    Is fortune to view upon a sacred house.
    Here is a different avenue of thinker’s area.
    He who lived alongside others with gusto... more »

  • A Horse To Outrun

    A horse is sent to outrun the rollers with wheels,
    A pin and needle can be a horse, but they are animals.
    Stones are thrown on the bleeding wounds,
    Heaven shines its odours on them to bind.... more »

  • A Huge Heaven

    The tall tower hesitated and spoke itself to sleep,
    Mines of gold are better for relaxation.

    The gravity of this planet... more »

  • A Human Jump

    Noticeable as a frog the human jumps
    To defeat an iron man of leaping action.
    Best humans work from abroad
    And jump into a proficient area of study.... more »

  • A Just Poem

    A poem exercises the beliefs aggressively,
    They contract like the heart so like a shout,
    Their entrances are definitely in justice.... more »

  • A Just State

    Force us into abidance, in a just state,
    So then peace reigns at the night of the day.
    Sustain the godly tongue of doom,
    It injures a mighty swordsman.... more »