• Dangerous Men

    The bedspread housed a cobweb
    Of claptrap and chairs fully of white;
    The reader of lights saw butterflies
    Blowing into each other so flights... more »

  • Dangerous Sport

    Danger has a twist so large, that you squirm
    From it, doing justice harder the next day.
    Your queue is again in town when you wait,
    Waiting is a game of sportsmanship.... more »

  • Dangers

    Dangers are evident, say the police,
    Upstairs expressions are being made.
    To point to the names of bears and wolves
    Concerns our soul, as they too are evident.... more »

  • Dangers Of A Prison

    Saving a sentence requires bad light,
    Enough of the prison is alight;
    May fortune save us once tonight,
    Like the fires of heaven and hell.... more »

  • Dangers Of War

    Gangs of war wrong themselves,
    They wound and they hurt
    Like the lions and tigers of May.
    Of June the cats prowl and launch... more »

  • Dangers Pass

    Dangers pass and collapse for the entry,
    Going to them is like golden influence.
    The level of pride attained by some men
    Is loathed, and their arrogance is set.... more »

  • Daring It

    So dare on us, dare the biggest marvel,
    It is marvellous, it is marvellous how we work,
    Opening a session of negotiation, worst fellow
    In the world on stupid tablets on the table.... more »

  • Dark And Dangerous

    Dark and dangerous messages follow again,
    Eminent scholars read a straightforward result;
    The delirious break of a sense in the mind
    Clearly, rightly demonstrates the very reason.... more »

  • Dark And Deadly

    Dark and deadly are these pains that reside in my head,
    One falters with chilly winds, the very cool friends,
    Then the winds are breezes, more breezes to be bled.... more »

  • Dark And Gloomy

    Gloom speaks in super ways,
    It rides into a closet, and disappears.
    Gloomy and dark, the room appears to lie
    In a room, too dark and dank.... more »

  • Dark Chambers

    There are some dark chambers in the riding school,
    One answers the interrogation, the reality is such.
    A month will accept, slaves slowly slumber,
    Yet the real success rests in the majority of thinkers,... more »

  • Dark Grounds

    My talents are as gloomy as the dark grounds,
    To be a leek is to be like the grounds of saying,
    But vegetables separately speak, and I know
    More than you about eating and its manners.... more »

  • Dark Journey

    We are on a long journey always relentless,
    Few moments in it are felt as discerning;
    It is a boring escape into the abyss of black health,
    Getting to know this illness captures the philosophers... more »

  • Dark Light

    I see a light of darkness,
    I think it is contagious.
    My thought is the consensus,
    Let this be conspicuous.... more »

  • Dark Meat Of Darkness

    Discover a land so shadowed with darkness,
    It spreads like dark flowers around the land.
    The reality is bitter, falling away like silver has dropped
    Into a chasm to be rebuilt as gold.... more »

  • Dark Place

    A dark and dank place is never illuminated by the fog,
    Derelict and driven to poverty, a place like this betrays.
    Absolute abnormality hesitates, blinding the vision like a fog
    Or frustrating the cause and callous natures exert like hell.... more »

  • Dark Thinking

    Dark thoughts entail visions of stupor,
    Those in negativity happen on the plane
    Of existence.
    My existence happens all along its time,... more »

  • Darker Places

    The darker planets are made of you,
    Know that your intention is clear;
    This strange music floats in the crevices of space,
    My black head and amazing weapon loses.... more »

  • Darkness Rose

    And now as darkness rose from the mildness of the day,
    The daughter of Joy exclaimed a meaningful play of words;
    It was forbidden to play at houses, for it was time for war,
    Time reared itself up towards the collar, escaping with howls.... more »

  • Dashing And Halting

    Dashing past the altar, a priest halts
    To cast his spell of rage, the demonic particles
    That in those atoms dwell, and in those fancies
    Are sown me and you, they hit us hard!... more »

  • Dashing Dangers

    Ghastly ghosts doomed to die
    Swarmed and prostrated from feet
    Hurrying forth in numbers.... more »

  • Dashing News

    A dashing dress and a smart uniform
    Characterises a childlike life, angering.
    Such ceaseless activity is chief of hazards,
    The chemicals of explosions always.... more »

  • Dawn In Paradise

    As an angel is at dawn,
    The reasons have swept us away
    From the embarrassments and reflections,
    The disagreements have ceased to come.... more »

  • Day After Day

    One day is another way to propose the answers,
    One day expects your time to slide into a chasm;
    Open the ways to men who fight and conquer,
    Their strides are longer, their strife is sacred.... more »

  • Day And Night

    To mourn the death of yesterday is vile,
    To see the day turn into night may see
    Why roses have their quality so free
    Of nature’s weeping and very aisle.... more »