• Day Called Tomorrow

    Everybody is certain of tomorrow,
    He is the day that bribes us,
    He angered me last night as this day shows,
    Forcing the brightness of the day from the sun,... more »

  • Day Work

    Dazzled by the day work, you slide
    As you speak, working like the clock,
    Bereavement has avoided you,
    And you are speaking faster to me.... more »

  • Day, Then Night

    While the day took over the night,
    My speaking powers depleted, with a house
    Of animals they called the property.... more »

  • Days Glide

    Days glided away from the seats of pleasure,
    The quick spirit was mastered by the face;
    Havoc of months and years persuaded me
    To see the arrangements, and the several libraries... more »

  • Days Meet

    With feathers the birds fly, with nature a
    Man will divide, like virtue the spirit is blown,
    And of the angels there are some;
    Why do spectacles get blown in the wind?... more »

  • Days Of Mercury

    The days within seem like mercury,
    A barometer has been the instrument
    To measure my fancy,
    For the pressure on my mind is boiling.... more »

  • Days Of School Left

    Seven days ago we laid the foundations
    Of a school of cleverness and place;
    I replied to their tastes, smiles, attitudes,
    So thinking that those of us rich became richer.... more »

  • Days Of The Year

    He swore never to die in this happiness,
    As the night passed into itself and cheered
    With a black eye, and a black face,
    Forming twisters and states that had abodes.... more »

  • Days Old

    Days have gone by for the better,
    Weeks vanish now that they have formed.
    The beginnings of life exist for me
    As if my soul has been exposed.... more »

  • Days Without Days

    The moon is over the horizon like a coward,
    The brave sun will appear and melee with its moon,
    That will turn to deserting, and this reality is obscene
    For the fight is a battle between huge bodies... more »

  • Dazzled

    ... more »

  • Dead And Living

    Dead are those sentences of death,
    Finding a life is too good and short,
    Feeling me is like feeling everything.... more »

  • Dead Bodies At Sea

    I strike a winding blow to the skull
    Of ghoulish appearance, the undead.
    Much thought has transferred from my head
    As skilful help is again my schedule.... more »

  • Dead Cheese

    Hand me the cheese, please.
    Mutter the manger to sleep in.
    I eat much more than you,
    Glimmering like a morbid girl.... more »

  • Dead From The Snake

    ... more »

  • Deadly Honest

    The honesty of death is in my possession
    As the tune of lyrics astounds me in this sense;
    I hear a voice too hardly in existence,
    Its slur and faults study me at the same time.... more »

  • Dealing With Wisdom

    Dealing on the wisdom beats learning,
    A thought from God collides with education.
    Knowledge is best from the book,
    Under the cover is more wisdom... more »

  • Dear Birds And Animals

    A dear bird shall shake and make
    The clean interior of my living house;
    Its chemical shall teach, remake our rooms
    Into delightful and delicious abodes,... more »

  • Dear Books

    I find a better dear in blue oceans
    That love and like the ebb, the toes and blows
    Of that small sea, on some more ablutions,
    On this old honour, that will then appose.... more »

  • Dear Quality

    My collars are straight from the money,
    Letters of calligraphy curtail the events;
    As we swear to serve the leaders of the nation,
    Tight fittings remind us of sin.... more »

  • Death Angels

    I was sleeping in my heart,
    And intoxicated was my being;
    Then the self rose to the occasion,
    For death alerted me to the angels around.... more »

  • Death Argues

    Death may argue, fuss and conquer the masses,
    Killing is an idea of the devil when used.
    It is an obstacle, a day is spent in its memory;
    Our memories glisten as diamonds... more »

  • Death For Those Who Cry

    When the dying days become living nights
    We must cry for the cryers, the bewailers.
    In the heart is their song of fellowship and light,
    In their soul is the repose of the body in comfort.... more »

  • Death Has Steps

    Death has a step over the line I call home,
    Home shall remain a constant danger now.
    Heaven is a dangerous country we live in,
    Hell is the light of darkness, of everything.... more »

  • Death Is A Foe

    Death is a foe to the wise,
    You wait for it and agonize;
    It spent its energy in a week,
    And we died all along with cheek.... more »