• Die Here

    Die here my dearly departed,
    Force the heart to aspire to new
    Conversation, fewer words must
    Be recited inwardly, and esoteric... more »

  • Die With My Love

    My love is of the heavenly straits,
    My authors labour nights and days;
    Their writings fulfil and fill the hard
    Ways of distress and mild release.... more »

  • Different Deaths

    A different line was written on the sides of humanity,
    Flaky flames rose to be cluttered smoke, proper particles.
    I as a dead captain decomposed, and felt stiff opposition,
    From the angelic companions always following me.... more »

  • Different Names

    My names differ in the way they are told,
    Goals for eternity are these names for some;
    What power prevents me from being aware
    Of faint thoughts about naming and telling?... more »

  • Different Tales

    A man can tell a different story,
    Only tales are spun from the united folk,
    As they crouch to instigate their terror
    And the jewels of a lady that they know.... more »

  • Difficult Terrain

    The terrain was difficult for those in this army,
    Injuries are sufficient to cause a row, and more.
    The large scale of war manages but never marries,
    Report to the captain when you are ordered.... more »

  • Dignity Inside

    Dignity, the price of pain, will flash and burn
    Inside the hells and heavens, forcing the physics
    Of our lives, when we were in this world.
    Some of our limbs are bones encased,... more »

  • Dilly-Dally

    The dalliance so severed my veins with fire,
    The dilly-dallying of my life had just happened.
    My virtues involved the system of joy,
    The vilification of a soul was upon us.... more »

  • Dim And Divine

    A dim car watched by the skull
    Is shining its lights for us to lose sight.
    This winter we are divine,
    As hopping is made a pleasure... more »

  • Diminished Authority

    Return to the kings of ancient greatness,
    Kings are the captains of old nature,
    Their royalty is diminishing.
    Like them with fervour and heartiness,... more »

  • Dining Table

    A lavish dinner has arisen from the depths of cookery,
    One blade is too many, one knife can cut and kill.
    The food of heaven is a dish too fine, and plenty
    Of it is causing the belly to be satisfied, with the mind at ease.... more »

  • Directing Your Steps

    He directs his steps head forward, bent painfully,
    Like old trees with branches and wilting leaves.
    All that rolled was a bartering blizzard, old and ancient,
    Dealing pond water as rolling came from the moon.... more »

  • Dirty Lamp

    Dirty and damp, bumpy and loud,
    A lantern has erased itself from despair
    For its shining inhabits the globe.
    They reside in the core of the worlds,... more »

  • Disappointed Souls

    He sounded disappointed after us,
    Little men have difficulties,
    Little fingers wrap around little men,
    Who dine on your brain and shells... more »

  • Disasters And Deeds

    Disasters excel when brilliant,
    This fact is well-known and magnificent.
    Deeds of the tragic command belief,
    But is it not disbelief, any relief?... more »

  • Disastrous Mountain

    Disaster is the sister of horror and noise,
    Both calamity and sin concern us, one annoys.

    Going to the mountain is disarray and food,... more »

  • Disastrous Nature

    ... more »

  • Disastrous Speech

    ... more »

  • Disciplined Boys

    Discipline and training advertises the boys of stone,
    Falling and kicking from themselves like ants and bullies.
    Their conversations desire or lust for brilliant insults
    Captured by the cameras of their eyes, shaking the planet beneath.... more »

  • Disease

    Folders of happenings are commanded to act,
    And forced is a point on one's soul,
    As much as that.... more »

  • Diseased Man

    Inside their legion there is a diseased man,
    Who keeps himself well - occupied, with infidelity,
    With dishealth, and also he is utmostly dishonoured.... more »

  • Diseases

    When do cries bleed from diseases?
    Where are the destinies and denizens?
    My illness carried magic, little ones,
    The little one will answer us suddenly.... more »

  • Dismay And Honour

    With themselves the elves speak strange speech,
    When dwarves discovered are true mountains,
    True holes make volcanoes of gold and beach,
    These are safer for the five dwellings of badmintons.... more »

  • Dismiss The Higher Suffering

    Give all of your learning to me,
    So that I may obey the strict side,
    In this season when storms are rife
    In the mind and the torso.... more »

  • Disobedience

    Don’t utter disobedience when he speaks to your being,
    Inside a heart is a staggering dispute for those looking.

    This sense is like a garden of truth, one of piety,... more »