• Disobedient Son

    The disobeying son is a little thought for the father,
    When this disobedience arrived and departed.
    Disobedience had effects on the family like a pan has with juices,
    Cooking with fire and tasting better, yet in danger of burning.... more »

  • Display

    We shall display the souls of our nation
    Like the military affairs and the fountain of our choice.
    It runs like honey from France, the nation that became
    A nation.... more »

  • Display Of Sin

    Velvet sins display my knowledge,
    Opening doors to the brilliance;
    Full of the laments that undergo this soul
    We strive and enlighten each other.... more »

  • Disputatious Dog

    He is disputatious, affecting me, exhausting me,
    Like a fierce dog lunging and thirsting like monomers.
    We are sleepless due to the dog of dogs, king of time,
    He is whistler and wailer of the whole time inside.... more »

  • Disputes Next Door

    My callous neighbour feeds
    I crawl to the foreground
    To protect my interests in fear
    Inside me creeps disaster... more »

  • Distance To Run

    I have miles and more miles for our days,
    I can keep each man and woman in style.

    Each kilometre is the running man's gift,... more »

  • Distant Life

    The distance of life is too long,
    Longer than the ages of this world.
    My collected views are in the sights
    Of our reality, from up above and inside... more »

  • Distant Past

    The day stands around a body of the apparatus,
    Laughter has been sung, holding the jars of love.

    Lacking skill, asking, saying, and staying are the losers,... more »

  • Distinct Man

    Distinct voices proclaim how the mind echoes,
    Into the minds we go with us to decompose;
    It is rational of man to rule what is binding,
    Into a lovely flow is losing and finding.... more »

  • Distinct Pets

    Let this telescope be of the rats and cats,
    Seeing them look like drink and bad habits,
    Eroding the soul as we speak like their tongue.... more »

  • Distinct Work

    Never be hard at distinct work,
    For you delve into the nightmares;
    Open the work of the words you write,
    Closing the pages as you send letters.... more »

  • Distinctions

    ... more »

  • Diverse Air

    The arid air is a diverse change,
    Artificial air charms the chair.
    What is fair? Where are natural acts?
    By the ocean, we swim finely... more »

  • Diverse Dawn

    Still is this dawn of a diverse view,
    Pass it once your chores are done.
    Forget my hymn of success as it is,
    A thrown flower may remind you of me.... more »

  • Diverse Reactions

    Now you must walk in circles,
    How do you think along the way?
    Some of us delay the journey,
    Some of us talk deliriously,... more »

  • Dividing Line

    They say the dividing line is so common,
    Let them say the line of work is so solemn;
    For tonight the praise of the building looms,
    Losing the best partnership of the tellings.... more »

  • Divine Freedom

    Divine freedom reigns supreme like stars,
    Of eternal seconds, bleeding within.
    Like a root growing to the ends of time,
    One sacred thought rains down hard,... more »

  • Divine Help

    Forgetting the names of humans
    We declare that heads and hearts
    Shall intertwine and cause exits
    And entries inside the circuits of blood.... more »

  • Divine Mystery

    Saying is precious due to sizes of atoms,
    The molecular structures of some are weak,
    The weakness of the strong muscles escapes,
    But internal happiness reckons its justice.... more »

  • Divine One

    If you see the knowing soul from the divine one,
    One gains lunch and dinner and breakfast,
    And one trusts he has heavenly banquets,
    And one knows you like his heart,... more »

  • Do Enter This House

    By the being of houses that stretch towards the sky,
    We enter the writing of a man who is a lever of teaching.

    By the reading of books talked about by chalk and board,... more »

  • Do Not Accept The Noon

    Once the night is called deceased you will cry over us,
    A man began to strictly obey when his mother told lies.
    Whenever the moon passed by with a ritualistic thought,
    It entered the mind by fear of death, causing the occupant... more »

  • Do Not Adapt

    Do not adapt to the changes in this lane,
    The aborted sins of our fathers are scary;
    They abide beneath the streams of your deeds,
    Achieving the real aches of a day.... more »

  • Do Not Despair Over Your Thoughts

    There are many people who despair over thoughts,
    Some may never reach humanity's splendour or habits.
    Many thoughts are thought from pleasure and rust of iron,
    Others cause the main acts in life to become images.... more »

  • Do Not Die

    Do not die when I am sick,
    Inside is demand for the deprived and slender.
    This thin man who throws light and heat
    Is astray like the cows and bulls.... more »