• Do Not Glower

    Do not glower on the real face I construct,
    Bloodstained images relax me further.
    Gorge and frighten forwards, backwards,
    Likelihood of slander relaxes me on this end.... more »

  • Do Not Hate

    Do not hate too hard:
    The length of the clock
    Is overgrown, it is for immortality.... more »

  • Do Not Lie

    ... more »

  • Do Not Raise Your Hand

    You cannot raise your hand and deny my words of ink,
    You cannot guard my body from the wicked and lame.
    A strange shape has arisen, forgetting us in its lines,
    Your hand is far taller than my face as it exerts its force.... more »

  • Do Not Reproach

    Do not reproach your dear and beloved brother,
    Beckon him now, summon his spirit so as to love him,
    Considerably, lovingly, beautifully, and responsibly.
    Then your sister contains the entire mouth of pleasant news.... more »

  • Do Not Stagger And Speak

    Do not stagger and speak during the fasting hours,
    Anger and dreams solve all problems but always,
    Does the old adage find a new meaning in towers?... more »

  • Do Not Take My Liberty

    Do not take my liberty
    If you close in on my shape;
    My height and weight is profiting
    Due to dying and giving of life.... more »

  • Do Not Worship It

    Caught in the wind, the eagles sway and swing,
    Fortune is a balancer of their wings, like the wind.
    May fortune ride like the wind as the breeze blows,
    Going to the celebration is of flying there,... more »

  • Doctor And Tools

    Doctors need tools and changes,
    To fight diseases and find the cures
    Of a single life-time, of degrees that
    Hide us and defend the body of humans.... more »

  • Doctor Of Happiness

    I treat the great illness, it is related,
    My findings are like mountains
    In the institutions called hospitals.... more »

  • Doctor’s Knowledge

    In an effort to cure the weak,
    Some of the doctors are enough
    In intellect, in craze, and in importance.
    As destruction looms, a blast created... more »

  • Doctor's Liking

    I suppose the question he asked
    Gave me a liking for him
    As my doctoring resents anything
    Like disease... more »

  • Doctor's Visit

    If today hadn't cooked the brain,
    He'd risen like neurones,
    In the way they do.... more »

  • Dogmatic

    My soul teaches other direct souls
    To dissect the dogmatic opinions.
    To anguish is the anger, and few have
    Lords above themselves, to align time.... more »

  • Dogs And Giants

    You know the one who lifts stones and pelts the strongest of men,
    And you have heard of ruinous giants stalking their prey with menace.
    The stray dogs barking crazily at the giants and strong men
    Are being killed, being slaughtered, like the killing of the troops.... more »

  • Doing Is Clear

    ... more »

  • Doing It Is Good

    Doings are forgotten by the Time.
    However, they decipher your soul.
    It is a command from God All-Powerfull.
    They reject the answers of the wise... more »

  • Dolour Of The Human

    Dolour of youth heartaches the world,
    With so much flesh and bones that crack.
    My mount especially found the raise
    Of youth, the significant blush, and one to reclaim.... more »

  • Don’t Disturb

    Disturb him not, the dangerous,
    Ask him, not me, forcing,
    Frustrating him with abjectness,
    By lying, disputing.... more »

  • Don’t Lose Me

    Don’t lose my touch that I taught you,
    Its wise nature appeals to the eyes and ears,
    My children may borrow the staggering hue,
    My parents have burdened the view of this head... more »

  • Done Everything

    He carves his own house from wood,
    And you will descend upon him like an angel,
    As a spirit or a messenger,
    With special motives, and worthwhile praise.... more »

  • Don't Mourn For This Existence

    Don't mourn for the one who is utterly alive,
    And do something again if it hurts you in this existence.
    Don't deprive your neighbour if the glad art of swordplay
    Is ever present and displayed by acumens and starts.... more »

  • Don'T Start

    Don't start a dog to wag its tail,
    For the days begin like thunder,
    Because then a desire is alight,
    Dogs say their religion is sincere.... more »

  • Don't Walk Behind

    Don't walk behind me when the life must follow,
    I may not give a question of enigmatic response,
    I may not inspire the legendary ideas of a young
    Man who dreamt he was dramatic, forever and ever.... more »

  • Doomed City

    Of this doomed city is my shop of heavy faces,
    What matters is ice and snow and cold;
    For the following day created a pale service,
    As the claims were, over the city streets.... more »