• A Kick

    A kick is too glamourous, forming punches
    In the air, as their combat spells and abolishes.
    How does one force cancellation?
    An odious disaster shall bring deactivation.... more »

  • A King Nods

    A king has been nodded by my baton,
    The richer members of this court object.

    By scholars a sacred writing contest is in progress,... more »

  • A Kingly Man

    O Friend of always the right,
    The clue of time is hidden in my purse;
    Inside is also a great travel that I embark upon.... more »

  • A Late Soul

    A late morose order was proclaimed
    By the pelting men, who swung their hips
    And sandwiched true genius with iron force.... more »

  • A Leaf Has Fallen

    A leaf has fallen on the ground,
    Beliefs have solutions that astound;
    Every tree that believed in its wood
    Shall learn pain from the heavenly adulthood.... more »

  • A Lemon At War

    A lemon the size of a brain rolling slowly,
    It concerns me afterwards, as I ask my art,
    Glistening grass protrudes as I am person,
    Forced pleasures await me when fought.... more »

  • A Life Of Another

    A life has defined another life
    To call definite systems
    And deprive the beggars
    Of single letters, the words that tell... more »

  • A Life So Great

    How do we marry into a life so great?
    You master the people so much
    That you are told of your genius;
    The life we manage is so golden with wit.... more »

  • A Line

    A line so stressed, so much plain,
    Abolishes forever my loathing of it.
    Three lines make triangles like a wheel
    Has travelled forever, loathing it.... more »

  • A Little Love

    A little love is always to share,
    Pulling the legs of those who care;
    Share the guns and rifles if you desire,
    Fully able are those soldiers, in this empire.... more »

  • A Long Love

    Why is it
    that I no longer love
    your boots?
    Never care for me... more »

  • A Lost Soul

    This is still stupendous, not hardly stupid,
    And so we connote for special verse to complete.
    Those in stasis realise why your indignation surmounts,
    Statements are being retold as perms, of stupidity.... more »

  • A Love Has Light

    A love has light one time in this display,
    A drive in one such gift will course through mud,
    Although my art does guess correct, allay
    The man who sees my art when it’s humid!... more »

  • A Mage Is In This World

    The whirling of green goddesses astounds the witnesses,
    A shaking river of blood is about to burst, skilful plain cleaving
    Of the flesh is about to remove a forgetting man.
    He is a righteous man, without a care but heaven, the only bridge,... more »

  • A Mage Is Wrong

    For skies are gray and cloudy when you like,
    From all through, you liked the magical thought
    That hides and cowers tonight asyouknow.
    He invoked it and I think it is wrong,... more »

  • A Man And A Woman Cry

    A man despises a woman if she cries,
    These tears mention me as a man.
    Inside my mind there is lift and push,
    So many of us and so many women.... more »

  • A Man Departs

    The man erupts, and his soul departs,
    Final illumination concerns the ammunition,
    One mania is enough to bind and bend
    The harder herald, his own socks cannot knock... more »

  • A Man Entered His Building

    A man has entered the atmosphere,
    A man shall recite from the deeds of many,
    And this man augments his arguments
    To the few who listen to buildings... more »

  • A Man Of Thought

    The semblance of a man contains fury,
    Force is this semblance, offered by the unique.
    My golden appetite occurs sometimes,
    Open the gates of freedom when ill.... more »

  • A Man Of War

    A man of war is like a bee and a stalk,
    Stalker of a living corpse,
    The man is against a tank of dedication,
    He linked himself to the second heaven,... more »

  • A Man Of Wealth

    I thank a man on strength of skills and wealth,
    His only handsome face was felt above and below
    Wherever that man journeyed through,
    He encountered my friendship, and me.... more »

  • A Man Who Despises

    His anger is wrath and her rage is dense,
    Forever can be forever.
    Her despair is too green and his mood is too bland,
    Forever and ever they be.... more »

  • A Manly Heart

    The manly heart carries gold and silver,
    One shines and the other slivers;
    The jewels, the diamonds, the happiness, the pains,
    Were all kept to the heart.... more »

  • A Man's World

    The world of a man climbs into sin,
    His every move becomes his movement,
    Like the snake that slithers and burns
    Within the souls of asses.... more »

  • A Marriage On Earth

    A sphere was once a planet,
    Then it turned into a world,
    This majestic world was made flesh
    To reside on it. On this love... more »