• Elevation Of Mood

    My moods shall beg again, too far and away,
    Their complication is advanced and to stay.
    Certain jokes penetrate the mind if humourous,
    When too humourous, the little jokes are marvellous.... more »

  • Elixir

    My effervescent mind collides with water
    To bring an elixir of love and wine.
    This ephemeral life is evocative of heavenly plains,
    Fetching plains, pretty plains of pure design.... more »

  • Embrace Tranquillity

    Embracing the heavenly seasons defends sunlight,
    A slight rain comes, defending and offending the outcome;
    Frail vines never rest on this trail atop the cliffs,
    And we are lost in thoughts with traces of rain.... more »

  • Embrocate

    My embrocating starts now, a lagoon meets me in leisure,
    Abuse me not, accomplish further than my glamour or abolisher.
    To see the accusations is disbelieving of you, so comely and proud,
    Like an immense disbelief of such clouds of importance, like a shroud.... more »

  • Emeralds Inside

    One finds the emeralds of the sea inside the belly,
    Work of the habits intrudes and excludes us
    For we are richer than the emeralds and jewels
    Called rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.... more »

  • Eminent Scholar

    Creaking crushed me when I spoke,
    A civil chain chased my law of beliefs.
    The eminence of a scholar spoke one day,
    This denouement from a man was outspoken.... more »

  • Emotional Ones

    Emotional horses summoned by the wise ones
    Elegantly strive and gallop in front of our eyes.
    Behind us the whole body of equestrian monsters
    Jump properly over the obstacles of our times.... more »

  • Employee

    Today is a man of quests and actions,
    Words do span the generations,
    Deeds have taken their doing in this age,
    But this man carries a burden of work... more »

  • Employment Up Above

    I was employed for longer,
    Guarded by the many gardens,
    Repeated were the heavens
    Antagonizing the theatrical show.... more »

  • Empty Heart To Enter

    To enter the heart where answers lie,
    You must give your weaknesses away.
    This has redness as blood is red,
    And we legitimately drive our stored fluids... more »

  • Empty Inside

    An empty space carries no breath,
    We respire due to sacred nature.
    The veins of blood are jolly,
    They burn inside so happy.... more »

  • Enchanting Crowd

    The sorcerer enchants a man with sorcery,
    A real warrior can cause a war of wack,
    Wading into this arena of them both
    Is to bother the tranquility of our being.... more »

  • Enchanting Day

    My eloquent enchanting day of speech
    Finds a fortnight in discussion, with midnight;
    Hollow and lovely life is a way of driving down,
    Cordial thanks are offered now that you define.... more »

  • Encumbered By Winds

    When downwards encumbered everything,
    A man on a slope was fatigued,
    As sly as pennies from a purse,
    Like the winds of heavenly springs.... more »

  • End Matters

    We strive to end all matters at the start,
    Like the arrow that finishes and exerts,
    Must the final scene be of the dart?... more »

  • End Of Time

    Towards the end of our time
    We miss the friendship and food;
    The days behind are but silent thoughts
    And the months seem endless.... more »

  • End The Dispute

    I order this dispute to end,
    This row is to be suddenly dropped,
    I think we contest the opposite of good.... more »

  • Endangered One

    Distraught and endangered, my jolly family,
    In the middle of the night and then actually.
    Danger is a familiar building of joy,
    The essence is stranded in the toy.... more »

  • Endeavour

    ... more »

  • Endings

    The end of spring is the end of years of hard ache,
    One felt beauty to be a metallic work of suddenness;
    The endings so summoned meant gravity of sin,
    Once the reasons were declared for the peace.... more »

  • Endless Love

    I speak frankly and applaud the sorrows,
    My love for your Lord is as much as mine.

    I am a bird of prey from a life before. How do I fly?... more »

  • Endless Sounds

    The endless sounds produce a racket,
    The clattering, the clanking, the rattling;
    These resonate together as a din of marvellous nature.
    This noise has boundless variety,... more »

  • Endure Him

    Endure him in the last minute
    Delicate hands are afoot
    We pride ourselves on the love of realms... more »

  • Enemy And Weather

    Scenery has mild changes in weather;
    Afterwards the winner of the sunshine has grace.
    Forward march the troops and never look back,
    For the enemy has routed as well.... more »

  • Energies

    Energies are wasted now that you reside in stupor,
    The fixed states empty us into the void,
    Where we crash and sting with enragement of sin,
    Those guilty of crimes adorn the horizons with blood,... more »