• Eternal Student

    With her I was good at people,
    The form of people was an example;
    Round my neck the tie was cut,
    I was an eternal student.... more »

  • Eternal Trail

    The trail that leads to eternity on this Earth?
    We see a diviner purpose to the trial,
    We’re searching for the exact system,
    The real approach to humanity is within us.... more »

  • Ethereal

    This ethereal luminescence strikes at the heart
    Of a middle-aged man, incorporeal man.
    Then in a sense we are inexorable on him,
    Idyllic habitats abound for us when we see... more »

  • Evacuation

    ... more »

  • Even After Us

    There are splendours that sway and strive,
    A happy splendour it happens to be;
    For the autumn is the song of loving,
    And splendid weather is of the horizon.... more »

  • Even The Poison

    Even when there is poison in the whole fish,
    A fish can be worthier of sin than the whole world,
    Though this world accompanies the eliminations,
    The worst of health, and the best of weathers.... more »

  • Evening Restaurant

    The evening heaven’s restaurant activates, you’re among the last
    Who line up outside, making discoveries with food in the mouth,
    I’d go slow on the fritters cooked from days and nights in experience
    Paid by the engineers of food, a real motley crew.... more »

  • Event

    Your event is beginning to take place,
    For it is longer and better to be this.
    Your event is pleasant and grand,
    For it is bigger and huger to become.... more »

  • Everlasting Dreams

    Dreams are everlasting springs,
    They reside in the recesses of the wells,
    They inhabit the brain,
    Contending with sunrise and sunset,... more »

  • Everlasting Skin

    A breath of air vanishes from me,
    Imperiling the meeting of ways I have been;
    The baby so schooled in politics
    Is now irrepressible and naughty.... more »

  • Everlasting Soul

    I possess a soul due to His love for me,
    Does he love me?
    Or is the devastation too huge?
    Is the invention being made?... more »

  • Every Every Every Time

    Timely individuals find a genius to hide and demand
    A supplying action and thought of you to to do
    The belated headdance of you and real paint is needed.
    Every day brings a broth and has brimming the golden coldness... more »

  • Every Eye

    Every eye shall have a taste of life,
    All beings become priests and clerics.
    But where is the academy? What is the price?
    To pay is to design a life of your own,... more »

  • Every Life And Soul

    Every tulip brothers a man's wine,
    It pours to the source of a soul,
    Like clouds of Spring the burden of liquids
    Has arrived like rainfall.... more »

  • Every Man Is Like A Poet

    Every man shall surmise like the poets
    And change his leanings according to poetry;
    This poetry dwells from the inner soul,
    Directly the journey goes to the likeness of heaven.... more »

  • Every Spring

    Everything is done for the beauty of spring,
    Every man shall taste his sweetness until he rises again.
    Those with tears outshine the doers of good and character
    Is the quality we uphold, we caress this jolly term forever.... more »

  • Everybody Knows

    Everybody knows I am growing old,
    But the faster I carry on forgiving
    The more is the beauty of my parents,
    For the old ages are supremely entwined.... more »

  • Everyday Presence

    His everyday presence forgot me,
    A little farther and the world toppled,
    Investigations loomed larger than ice,
    Brittle were the mechanisms of this small disease.... more »

  • Everyday Way

    I delight in the everyday Way,
    Among the mist and fog, the plain;
    Every rock and cave is joined,
    Feeling is believing, loathing me.... more »

  • Everyone Dreams

    Everyone has been joyous on the fountain of joy,
    Put in every heart is a caravan of men who hear
    And choose, who speak and listen to questions.
    The angelic thoughts then enter to stir the soul,... more »

  • Everything Is Everything

    Everything contains everything, even youth is an example
    Of this everything that forbids more from happening, like an
    Event that causes other events, which in turn collapses.
    Every sort of man considers the plain understanding of man,... more »

  • Evil Rain

    And if rain would to be blessed by someone,
    Drops gather and sustain us well, water is emerging
    A clear winner, a source of indulgence by the weakest
    And strongest, hearts are blending now and blinding now.... more »

  • Evil Sage

    An ancient sage blows
    Into my face frothing with... more »

  • Evil Slaves

    Slaves of the evil one are around with trouble,
    They do not hesitate once they exist with something;
    To bite like a chosen slave abundantly clarifies the issue,
    It invited me to shoot, a shooter is me.... more »

  • Evolution

    Nuts are brighter than the brown flowers,
    Opening entrancing gestures of spring;
    My thought resides in the minds of men
    Who stammer with their bright tongues.... more »