• Exalted

    One day is exalted beyond hope,
    The names of the firmament are hidden;
    Then we choose to expose them on a creature,
    This same creation from God, who delves... more »

  • Excellent Path

    A path of excellence flows through the life,
    An infant asks what we learn for the path;
    One man is better at the task than another
    For all have tasks that are arduous, that back break.... more »

  • Excellent Wand

    Sorcerers excel at casting,
    Using up their spells.
    Upon reaching the grassland,
    Their wands acquire new spells.... more »

  • Exceptional Food

    The meal was over as I spoke,
    Innards kept the blessing of cooking;
    My spoken tongue was inert
    As prayers were repeated.... more »

  • Exceptional Men

    A militant man accepts nobody in the rows of exceptions,
    Microsurgery is needed by the experts when they see him.
    Metres of expiration shall lend a hand to the weak of hand,
    But a man so inquisitive shall hear of nobody in particular.... more »

  • Excessive Joy

    One feels a shameful action by others,
    Instilled in me as well by the onlookers,
    The words of God have arisen to impel,
    Wrangling is not of the kindness in life.... more »

  • Excitation

    Excitation is the best feeling to be,
    If you excite a soul then it is your own;
    An eddy is created from recreation,
    And the heart swoons on believers... more »

  • Executive

    I am an exec of cold stare,
    Inner ice believes in the old tears;
    When it coldly stammers
    We convince the authorities... more »

  • Exercise It

    Exercise the will to succeed
    The will can successfully enjoy itself.

    Exercise the mind to proceed... more »

  • Exhale Later

    In breathe, then express a solid condition,
    Forward march like the Spring, offering my request.
    Inaugurated man shall be men on the Summer,
    This season of springing legions of war.... more »

  • Expansion Of The Universe

    ... more »

  • Experience This

    The experience I hold fastens on,
    I would like to now climb and pass
    The tests of time, the very tests are mine.... more »

  • Experiments In The Rain

    O to construct experiments and cry,
    Just to lie in front of the king.
    Rain has fallen from high in the sky,
    Water so acidic the scientists want to bellow... more »

  • Experts

    Experts who trust the way of life,
    Who love the learning, are precious.... more »

  • Explain It All

    Explain, that it is palatable, for all of us,
    This food particle admires the very heart.
    My eating and living are in your name,
    As if the whole of mankind shall watch... more »

  • Explain The Disasters

    The explanations are final and absolute,
    Find me a river, and find me some I already behold.
    The disasters are discovered by priests,
    Solutions to problems are them. The solidity... more »

  • Exploit So Massive

    An exploit worth the wait is a massive deed,
    Deeds and more deeds await the stranger
    Who wears macabre sounds, noises of disgust.
    The work is redundant since the horror of moments... more »

  • Exploration

    Many waters speak wonders, like oil
    That fuels us with teeth.

    Many mountains provoke a trouble,... more »

  • Explorer

    A sound is south, and north is normal,
    For east has each, and west may be wealthier.
    The wind blows on the horizon of trees,
    We now possess some wondrous delight... more »

  • Explosion

    Gorgeous full explosion of paint and as well pleasure,
    Against us; fully exact repulsive joke of joker.
    I hate themselves for this explosion of joy.
    Trick or treatment of abysmal quality.... more »

  • Express Heartliness

    Open a hand to the level of mine,
    Exert it fully like the created line.
    Bestow your liking for them,
    And anger must never damn.... more »

  • Extra Management

    Doubled and tripled the jokes go biggest,
    To then rid us of serenity and find ghost.
    The aliens describe a once suitable bone to pick,
    The extra management of the soul!... more »

  • Extra-Terrestrial Ghosts

    Ghosts are needed because they are rare,
    Open the doors for their passage, and let
    Speech inhibit their talk, in the world.
    Haunted is a planet as well as a soul,... more »

  • Extreme Values

    When I came down I saw him approaching,
    Then the walk distinctly appeared like walking,
    Talking and walking mastered themselves.... more »

  • Extrovert, With Sane Abilities

    Extrovert of sanity, excellent prince of design,
    Your outgoing self relies on fevers and laughter.
    One day you are ill, the next day a harvest
    Has been gathered, collected so well by the men of revelry.... more »