• Fancy

    Fancy is a precious feeling,
    One that skilfully plays with the sentence
    Of social intelligence, that life is jostled with
    And you must bury your head in it so that... more »

  • Fantastic Stones

    Fantastic stones so outlandish,
    Them fallacies of the brave,
    A pixie will attack a leprechaun,
    When the fairy will falter.... more »

  • Fantasy Has Been Like Rolling Dice

    Fantasy hastens its wings over long hours of play,
    Whenever you roll dice probably spells disaster.
    Fantasy occupies the soul from a new position;
    A solid hope has spun a discord, a funny spell,... more »

  • Fantasy Writer

    Succeed and write of monsters,
    Wanting them close to your body
    That wishes to dispel their rage.... more »

  • Farewell

    Love may say farewell, to the believers of religion,
    To the few who ride on the buses, and have distinction.
    Love is a plant of zeal, growing in a heavenly patch of grass,
    The very hunting of this plant is beautiful like a class.... more »

  • Farewell To It

    I am about to create a feeling of strong angles,
    With my fork and my spoons and knives the thought
    Makes itself told to the other party, and they are numerous,
    For to uncork the bottle is to say something dark,... more »

  • Farewell To The Non-Thinkers

    Farewell to the lesser people,
    They fist their hands instead,
    Ready to punch the heart,
    Eager to fight the learned,... more »

  • Farewell To The Stars At Night

    And the laughing gas frozen at sight,
    Those winces are fully demanding,
    Imagination fends for itself in everlasting bliss.
    For the gases combine and connect,... more »

  • Fascists

    One has lameness, to see bones
    And the flows of the average,
    In the skin says an iconic candy
    For the result of breathing.... more »

  • Fashion Of Justice

    After the fashion of the sight I was accepted,
    In this legion of thoughts my sights remained;
    I dreaded all women who faultlessly perspired,
    Liking their talents and show, when there were cowards.... more »

  • Fast Cars

    ... more »

  • Fast Riches

    Fast and slow are cars that slide,
    The love of a ride is as a blind man;
    It is the path of a lover and priest,
    They pray and love all to themselves,... more »

  • Fast Winds

    Fast and slow, faster than the wind,
    This gale upsets the laughter of my soul.
    The winds upset this smaller joy,
    And continue to beleaguer my sons and daughters.... more »

  • Fasten The Eyes

    He fixed his eye on madness,
    That squalled its rights,
    Indeed, the wrong message came
    And passed itself.... more »

  • Faster Astronaut

    Faster than the velocity of the sun,
    Harder in weight than the learn of the monk,
    Conference is on tonight,
    And over there is a speedy long look of stars.... more »

  • Fate

    To kill me is to know me,
    My life is in ruins for the remaining years,
    In front of your speech I declare
    My hostility, becoming the enemy... more »

  • Father Christmas Day

    ... more »

  • Father’s Wife

    My father worked a day and night with reason,
    Telling his wife not to hurt any of his efforts.
    Yet the burden of the work was higher every day,
    Barely spent in happiness, but only miserable.... more »

  • Fathers And Mothers

    The fathers of the lane are stressed,
    Let their memories flow from blessings,
    And their dignity be addressed.
    My factory is the factory of places... more »

  • Fathers Of Fright

    Fathers of love enter the houses of fear,
    They found a monastery for maniacs,
    Unfolding before their eyes of gold,
    Like golden letters in the golden sands.... more »

  • Fault Of Others

    I like to stretch and consider the faults of others,
    My actions are completely built from the fault of others.

    My different events in life stem from the obligations,... more »

  • Faults Within

    Enter the arena with sword and might,
    In the deeds there are some who have fountains
    Of wisdom, as the real hatred of some
    Seem to be for the undertakers of funerals.... more »

  • Favours

    You can see why I can see you as much as,
    As much as the secret in the recess.
    You are wondering why the favours of some
    Do not meet the futuristic calls of one,... more »

  • Fear Of Death

    Fear of your death guarantees life for yourself,
    Dilating the years, wholesome of course.
    This is not subversion nor distress, but both
    Of the talents, called the genders.... more »

  • Fear The Lord

    Fear the Lord who created your spirit,
    It produced the spirits of a thousand months,
    Opening factors of health and worlds,
    Words attached themselves to godly fear.... more »