• A Masque

    This masquerade is a phenomenon of higher length,
    But when do masterworks get shown by strength?

    The border of the disease is final, what do we err?... more »

  • A Matter In Question

    The matter in question enjoyed gaiety of the bosses,
    An euphoria emitted itself with fondness of bosses;
    Their felicity was ever nearer to the same logic -
    To be boss of and to command and to order in the ways.... more »

  • A Meaning For Exposition

    Upstairs a meaning is resounded like the heavens,
    A flower raises its voice to some subjugating being,
    And the human being announces its remark for all.... more »

  • A Mirror On Its Wall

    A mirror needs a wall to be concrete,
    The despicable monsters lurk
    And crawl with cowardice so cruel.
    A mirror must be silver to stay up... more »

  • A Miserable Godly River

    No idea listens quite like godly matter, it hears and speaks,
    In ways of rivers of milk and honey, beginning from the roots.
    Language occupies the soul as godly men make scholarship,
    Constantly teased by tedious works of penmanship so great.... more »

  • A Monster

    This monster barbarized with battle cry
    The whole of my cubed head, kicking with its teeth.
    The culmination was custom of its foraging,
    Just to alienate the other liars, the monsters.... more »

  • A Moon In My Body

    There’s a moon in my body,
    There’s a moon in my body, but where can I see it?
    This planet of worlds shall multiply
    With this trumpet and drum,... more »

  • A Morbid Man

    A man is in his morbid mood in the evening,
    His knee accomplishes an arrival from the leg;
    Restless and stupid, the leg shoots his weight
    Up and over, like a giant in distress,... more »

  • A Morning

    Dates are a melody of supreme joy,
    Master them by your memory, do not destroy;
    The years of memory fill us and entertain,
    When our feelings are full as if in an air plane.... more »

  • A Mountain

    A mountain gazes at you loathing the future,
    Jests are like this, like the mountain,
    That swayed its weight before you,
    Killing a sense that ripples in your veins,... more »

  • A Nation In Strength

    I think of nation and the necessity,
    The trial of a person in wrong is in all our talk;
    As much as surrender has been successful.
    Yet I doubt the religion that is true... more »

  • A Nation Must Stand Firm

    If openly they commit misdeeds,
    Then the country shall remain,
    And the nation exceeds
    In the number of troops again.... more »

  • A New Commerce

    Forget a new commerce,
    It commented on our
    Traders and fighters now.
    Money is a complete... more »

  • A New Horizon

    Up in the clouds of the sky is a new horizon,
    Felling the trees down below is like invasion.
    How are the clouds so superb with those waterfalls?
    May God speak suddenly about the nightfalls.... more »

  • A New Line

    I have to try a new puzzle,
    Feeling them is trivial, so trivial;
    I have to try a reading line,
    As mastering is the feeling of age.... more »

  • A New Scroll

    It displayed one man residing in the head,
    Magic has compartments to be lead.
    A scripture shall complain if rewards appear
    To the dishonest, to the people who do not adhere... more »

  • A New Spell

    Force is a mile away,
    Gore must have you a day.
    Battle himself, the king,
    From having a sing.... more »

  • A New Thought

    Pose a new thought for all to see,
    Adjust it and as much as you like
    Consider the differences that stretch your mind,
    Its capacity is not small and never too large.... more »

  • A New Work

    Feeding a new work is like diligence,
    Opening this will inherit a new work;
    I hammer him with a sizzling effort
    As he fed on me in the past with love;... more »

  • A Path

    ... more »

  • A Penalty For The Effects

    The effects deliver a penalty, for them we contrive,
    The inventors are awake in the old yard, picking and solving.
    May they all lose once and for all, in the efforts to investigate
    What may be the solution for your problem so highly regarded.... more »

  • A Pencil Hits The Floor

    A pencil hit the floor with suddenness as flicking occurred,
    I have found a nation of ruin in the thumb of brilliance;
    This paper we have inspires me further, pushing me far,
    Seeking the nightmare is like seeing the words unfold.... more »

  • A Period Of Sorting Out

    In this sorting out period we connect to the other soul,
    In this sorting out of the soul we recollect in the heat.
    How can your powers of description be championed by
    Elements of wilder distinctions? Of weirder disruptions?... more »

  • A Person Is Thinking

    A person is thinking, wasting his thoughts on bodies
    And darkness, bad writing, and dying freedoms.
    A prayer is cool, written tonight as we accept it always,
    Safe like calling, safer than a shut door, being well.... more »

  • A Person Of Brightness

    If a person loves eating then absorb the hearts
    And emit the light paining his brain and torso.
    If that pain is equal to the suffering of a plant,
    Cancel the diseases of the heart and head in one.... more »