• Fighter

    Also the Knight of Light came upon us,
    And afraid I became of him and us,
    All sudden it sung like singing is to oblivion.
    I am grasping the idea behind him,... more »

  • Fighter Left

    The fighter paused, grimaced and left,
    After the creation, after the rights.
    His fight found a reality behind the scenes,
    The real survival is an object of material nature,... more »

  • Fighting Night Of Worth

    One fights another man with gestures of the light
    From heavenly doors.
    They swing to the night and the fight
    Is on with parallel forces.... more »

  • Fighting Over Comfort

    They fought on the poems of young men who concentrated,
    Exposing ghosts and prisoners who were gayer than gay.
    They simply found happiness in their guise and gait,
    Seeking the outlaws of a day that ruined one man who discovered.... more »

  • Fighting-Chance

    He has a fighting-chance of working with his figment,
    The figment he remembers for all his long-term memory.
    A field of ingoing thoughts waits to be proclaimed,
    The jeep of all worries is in his whole span of life.... more »

  • Fill Me With Wisdom

    As you fill my stomach with wisdom, I feel the patience,
    I see the wrapping of cloth, and my mind seeks glory.
    If we can't remember himself like a toy or ghost, we forget
    The truth of the being in this world, like a grief or hurt.... more »

  • Finality

    It must burn inside, burn inside to see light
    And leave then the lesser light for divine right.
    I claim a saint was good and finally brought to
    Attention of small people and big people,... more »

  • Find One Solution

    I find a solution to all subjects
    That discuss and win yourself.
    I find him in the dust with legs
    And arms of wickedness.... more »

  • Find Satan

    Forging a mail has in this world a finder,
    A remark so foul that lords and ladies shall arrive.

    In that border is a line or a wall,... more »

  • Finding Treasure

    Ruins are buildings of ripe fruit,
    Inner souls work finer than heaven.
    Must not the surety of life bespeak,
    Must we insure their fear is true?... more »

  • Fine Bulwark

    The bulwark of longer structure carried finesse,
    We commit folly to arrest the sight, so as to bless.
    The realer findings happen like events,
    Treasure is discovered by them, like comments.... more »

  • Fine Children

    The fine weather is passing over our heads
    As the day is finer than one soldier and one liar.
    The lines of the page are a book,
    As the book finds new meaning everyday.... more »

  • Fine Clothes

    Fine clothes ruin nobody,
    A sea of change has emitted
    Rays of a decision that affects,
    And fine clothes make you work.... more »

  • Fine Song

    Sweet events sing and interrogate our souls,
    The owner's senses conjure a reality from the start,
    Seconds have elapsed thanks to the souls of learning.... more »

  • Finger

    ... more »

  • Finish Friendship

    Elegant finishing cascades on me,
    Abruptly, like an ability of weight.
    How seconds pass! How minutes make!
    The abbey of the heart is within.... more »

  • Fire

    To mean a time is special like putting on a fire,
    The fire burns and churns into blasts of laughter,
    It is cheering you on, wheeling around,
    Causing anger, feeling grotesque,... more »

  • Fire And Snow

    How is the fire snowing on us?
    Opening the doors of flames and anger
    Is an act of worthy ferocity.
    We see fire and blame in angry souls... more »

  • Fire Is Alive

    Fire is a wizard on the creation
    Opening avenues of thought
    In a second, one second is all it takes.
    Find a destructive element, force is one,... more »

  • Fire Is Fire

    Fire is like a cold heat from the flames of your taste,
    It eats and diverges to the haste of a teasing question.
    Fire this time is an initial thought of wonderment,
    But where pain lives is the sprouting of genius and intelligence.... more »

  • Fire Or Happiness?

    Taking a term of happiness is like folders of work,
    To do this establishing action creates the handiwork
    Of the devil. For his life is in ruination, his tears are solid
    And not like water or oil, they are fine on their own, just acrid.... more »

  • Fire To Fight

    To fight with the arms carried new meaning,
    Are there any fires to extinguish? Or is there fire?
    My hands are alert with gears so spied upon,
    Ointment is causing some pleasant news.... more »

  • Fireballs Of Burden

    The balls are revolving like fireballs
    Shrinking and returning with their own fire;
    Burden has its look, little burden has its look,
    For it sways and says little by little... more »

  • Firm Horses

    To bring you light I see a path to it,
    According to light is the act of soothing oneself;
    Then hear a thought from your mind,
    Of those ideas that change into a never-ending story.... more »

  • First Visions

    The first time he woke,
    Abandoned pits centralized,
    With hurtling shoots
    And a while it took to shake... more »