• Fish Fear Fishermen

    Underneath the sea inhabited the fish
    That swam also with warmth and affection.
    Seasons in the sea glare like rocks near a cliff,
    Falling onto them may be like fishes are enemies.... more »

  • Fish That Swim

    How do they grow when old and young?
    No one must know the trust.
    How could we best describe the tongue
    When causes brightly must?... more »

  • Fisherman’s Sin

    A deadly sin defies and disagrees, you are disallowed,
    Forces of potions are a secret for talking evil aloud.
    Then premises of good are able to pay sacrifice
    To clouds all-sacred, too powerful and concise.... more »

  • Fish-Life

    The fishes of the river collide with water
    Of every sort, of all the years, of each sport.
    Ask them how they search for more life,
    Loading the energy, keeping alive.... more »

  • Fist

    A fist is worn by the man who has a skull,
    Killing the bones, taking on something mindful;
    It rested in the chest, the heart, where it bled
    Due to heat and head being hard, in the bed.... more »

  • Fist And Fist

    Guard the fist with another fist,
    To foot the blame drifts so as to assist;
    The fighting boasts, it treats, it mends
    And resurrection created promise that sends... more »

  • Fit Job

    Fit is the Earth on which we live,
    Antipathy has reasons for lying on the soil.

    We endanger each other for all times,... more »

  • Five Creatures In The Sky

    In the end five creatures cycled around the sky,
    In the sky there were bird-animals ready to drop
    On unsuspecting prey.
    It was to make an example of them,... more »

  • Fixed Work

    Good works never die, they carry no weather,
    For the hazards that bring discomfort are fixed,
    And the deeds of nature are as fortunate as Beauty,
    Dense clouds are above us saying the burden of water.... more »

  • Flags Of Every Nation

    Glowing the heat of the sun is against us,
    To Providence is the request of a time in life
    When birds and all animals are singing the anthems
    Of holiness and every flag is in the commonwealth... more »

  • Flames

    Together we are one, we strive for it,
    The longest struggle leaves the enemy,
    It rids the bark of that which is the tree,
    A shower forms from clouds that benefit.... more »

  • Flames Upon Flames

    The soldier of light bears down on the flames of darkness,
    They erupt and consume the brilliance of the men who die;
    The footmen are forbidden to live, their words are mere action,
    Those who fought have fled and been wounded by their routing,... more »

  • Flat Lands

    Flat lands are fighting against the weapons,
    These guardians of the snow are overwhelming;
    For it deepens, with openings of fire,
    The sharpening of weapons is afoot.... more »

  • Fled

    You heard every word of that,
    Granting us passage and annihilation,
    With an interesting feeling to abide
    In the hearts of the very deceased.... more »

  • Flesh

    Flesh after the bones is sweet,
    Refreshing can be tasting it,
    Goal of a righteous cannibal,
    A freedom has entered him of late.... more »

  • Fleshed

    Animosity is not hospitalized,
    Desks are written on where you are advised.
    Books of learning agonize the country,
    Readers of loving tomes shall generously... more »

  • Flick The Switch

    Flicking the switch will erase the ailment,
    But who opens one with labels on his head?
    The headache continues, with ready work,
    But wounds display a little pride and you concentrate.... more »

  • Flight

    To fly higher than other eagles creates an entrance
    To the passages of Time, a stable condition and so praised;
    One bird shall be with the actions of the path,
    Another soothes the rest of humanity.... more »

  • Flight Fades

    Fade into non-existence, your eyes,
    They perceive the redness of lies.
    This is licking the lumps of food
    On the plate we have dined and argued.... more »

  • Flight To The Moon

    I have the moon in my side as I fly
    Like the small people, who are to fly.
    My message is simply conveyed by sending all
    This body sitting on the edge of the world.... more »

  • Floating Clouds

    Why do clouds float high above in the sky?
    So then there is water and rain afterwards,
    Flicking on the floor of the planet,
    The spherical planet of high intelligence.... more »

  • Flood Of Blood

    ... more »

  • Flood Of Redness

    He laid a hand on the elbow as for now,
    Again and again they felt like low,
    Yet never did the angering fellowship concoct,
    A mighty redness like blood, like flood.... more »

  • Flour And Salt

    Do be good to bake me a cake,
    Fast would be quick and do put salt,
    But pepper I hate and love,
    Better is butter than ice.... more »

  • Flouting

    To flout the tests requires mention of struggle,
    But what is the fatigue of the mind now in infinity?
    A paucity is peering into the mildness of delight,
    To see tests is to mean rests, and all life is exact.... more »