• Flower Of Mercy

    Islam is a flower of mercy in the blooming seasons,
    Peace is inherited due to hard spokes of a wheel,
    And safety exhibits itself in the form of pleasure,
    Pains reside in the souls of men who are wicked to... more »

  • Flowering

    Flowers are a part of speech too plain,
    The language of it is the kingdom of plants.
    Offering, exactly conferring, and inferring,
    They compute to loosen their offspring.... more »

  • Flowers At Night

    ... more »

  • Flowers Bloom Like People

    The flowers in the garden strike blue,
    Just like lovely you.
    These flowers at the forefront speak loud,
    Opening the doors to what is allowed.... more »

  • Flowers Have Souls

    Flowers have souls, flowers disintegrate,
    Their gloomy surroundings are brightened.
    In the fields of our discontent a cold iceberg
    Erupts to uplift our souls that carry the flowers.... more »

  • Flowers In The Wind

    Fortunate flowers ferment in favourable ways,
    They grow utterly beyond control, ways are unlimited;
    The stalks dance in the wind for they are soft
    And the breezes turn shy of them,... more »

  • Flowers Of Light

    A family of flowers inhabits the world,
    It is a flood or danger to the public,
    Pursuing emotions of the light and sound,
    Fixing the human stare, like an awareness.... more »

  • Flowers Of Love

    You are the flowers of spring, my everything,
    Words cannot contain the petals of happiness
    Entwined with the roses in full bloom and sunshine.
    Roses are just the new light of this harder talent,... more »

  • Flowers Of The Fire

    Fire within the walls inflames the person,
    He judges endlessly, like flaming mercy.
    The statements fly attached to the destiny,
    Fulfilling fancies, entering the parlours... more »

  • Flowers’ Nature

    Forever the flowers and soil laugh,
    Loveliness created me now
    In forms of words and oceans.
    The sea of grass manufactures... more »

  • Fluent Freemen

    The finger triangulates fluently,
    It footworks frightfully well as a block
    Afforded by the very richest free-men.
    This friend of djinn fumbles through... more »

  • Flummoxed

    I have flummoxed the description of thoughts
    That the painting established by pasting my own;
    I chuck like a knock my fist at the clock of ringing,
    Time innovates its executants who hew the place.... more »

  • Fluttering

    Flutter through the pages of a philosopher's book,
    Lines end in poetry, lies eat away at the flesh.
    More the grace as we explore the catacombs of
    Our hearts, invisible is the silence.... more »

  • Flying Dove

    ... more »

  • Focusing On Life

    Focusing was a bore of this winter,
    The cytology of this place called the body
    Was as spread out as the winter's edge,
    The toga must be worn, it must be dawn!... more »

  • Foil

    Foil is like a herb of metallic strength,
    It cries like a butter of oil with food,
    As tears of the cry, as tears of the cry.... more »

  • Folding The Sun

    Folding the paper suppresses the job of life,
    Inside the islands of our sleep awaits the return;
    To this return we look and respond, forming years
    And more ages and eras for the common good.... more »

  • Folklore

    The stories that abide in the folklore
    Are literate for their ideals and realism;
    Those lessons are pages, those mediums
    Constrain the song, and the eventual decline... more »

  • Follow Her Gaze

    Follow her gaze, in the steps of the goddess,
    Where mists and sand have collided with force,
    In her court of the vanquished house called sadness,
    Like the house of a hundred days and nights.... more »

  • Follow The Path

    Follow the path of the elders,
    The wise among us who think,
    And why do you think
    If you do not listen to the parents?... more »

  • Following The Force

    Going to force is following force,
    Gears of talking can allow us,
    Huts of pleasure will revisit
    After the hazards are eased.... more »

  • Folly And The Peace

    Distribute the folly among the people of nearness,
    Tabulate their weaknesses, scribes are again.
    A gain has been committed for the reality,
    The worlds of greatness complain so they gain.... more »

  • Fondness Of

    He entered from fondness and between the murders,
    I know him by name, and his name has weakness of the heart.
    I saw him being pulled and he staggered like a hound to hit,
    Laughing with gusts of wind, squealing and kicking around.... more »

  • Food Arrives

    ... more »

  • Food Circle

    I am arguing strongly over the pleasure,
    This innate pain dissolves into the stomach
    When your food has been consumed diligently.
    The arguments are rarer when stories are told,... more »