• For The Forsaken One

    I forsake thee even when you had to be something,
    So avert your eyed face and pretend you laugh,
    Sell a single knife-point, give in to the old and new,
    To sportly people who never ever give as much in quantity,... more »

  • For The Heavens

    As you wish you spring into view for the heavens
    To display a reality of the entire sphere or globe.
    In the beautiful opinions of hurt a muttered man
    Is stung by tongues that brothers have ordered.... more »

  • For The Sake Of Peace

    For the sake of peace do sleep and live,
    They sleep again when the word is about;
    The hold on us is forevermore, the sleep
    Satanically cools the mind of mellow worlds.... more »

  • For You Must Live

    For you must die and live according to venom
    Of the laughter, to spirits of highest light.
    There is no turning into sprites or elves,
    But a true friend is a thinker of lights and honesty.... more »

  • Forbearance

    Disregard his forbearance for this is a young female,
    The majority belonged to the teaching community;
    My colonels accepted the suppositions so differing,
    My bigotry half-bred, I pursued eagerly the flight.... more »

  • Forbidden Dreams

    The men of action dream the most
    Due to illness and widespread beliefs.
    The perfect dream carries on
    Feeding me well inside the night.... more »

  • Forbidden Laws

    ... more »

  • Force And Behaviour

    Legless he stands somehow to guage his accent on life,
    To guage a lower position I fear, or I dare... more »

  • Force Them

    Force the formation of names,
    Force the forming of people against their whims,
    Force the fellowship of men and women,
    Together it is they who conceive and feel... more »

  • Forced To

    Force is a mysterious being of wonder.
    I call it the force for all the reasons I share with nature.

    Force is stronger than power of words,... more »

  • Forces

    Force is the absence of thoughts,
    Inside this pressure is a precious nature.
    May forceful men be absent and free,
    An obscure effect has been achieved.... more »

  • Forefathers

    Force the design of a matter of doubt
    To be useless.
    The lessening of your number of people
    Is like a fire of wood crackling... more »

  • Forepaw

    A real paw is behind in action,
    Chips and clods come to the fore;
    They have their lower limits,
    Paws create the higher base.... more »

  • Forest Glades

    The forest glades teem with abundant energy
    As the summer returns again,
    This warm planet visits us with warning;
    It is sweet to picture a crowded wood,... more »

  • Forest Of Berries

    The forest expected it, the woods create,
    A storm has arrived with the leaves;
    Wind blew and created, the leaves turned,
    Bellies adjusted to the food.... more »

  • Foretelling

    Foretell himself by words and pictures dreamt,
    To call the understanding isn’t fair;
    We damage them who frighten that affair
    With wounds so dreaded as those with contempt.... more »

  • Forever Feeling

    Store a feeling forever by learning it for the brain,
    This brain you carry learns faster than others.
    My favours are concrete, excelling others,
    They show you the way home, and beyond.... more »

  • Forever Is The Soul

    God forever is in pity of your soul,
    Guests of heaven do sing like a lull.
    My hungry beast inside my heart
    Is dissolving into the soul in part.... more »

  • Forever The Days...

    Forever the days are numbered and cold,
    As the years grow long, they are old.
    Years are old, ancient, and godly.
    They are gold, and are days that are nights.... more »

  • Forfeit

    You have goals and rights of course,
    Better to say never than sorry,
    Bright and light the soldiers of delight,
    To find new meaning in the desperate few,... more »

  • Forget The Flowers

    Forget the flowers in the garden
    That are idle and we are in fuss,
    Like a merriment has a pardon,
    To twice be a parade to resurface.... more »

  • Forget The Race

    Race is the wine of discourse, and be it,
    The lady I see in the skies whose baby I can be,
    To race I find a solid note of sense, and be it,
    The prudent history I compare with you.... more »

  • Forgive Me

    You forgive and moan if that could be,
    It cannot moan that far, look;
    And see now, why it glints in the eye
    When I saw you speak and forgive.... more »

  • Forgiven Wine

    The wine is forgiven by the lucifers, inside our minds,
    Living is love, internal sadness, as well the godliness.
    Mine is the verse of life, mine is the attack of love,
    For those rising in relics of excess are attracted to me.... more »

  • Forgotten Gems

    The gems are forgiven for they are seals,
    The gems are designed by those in training.
    The exhausted body is the certain soul at heart,
    My diamond is my gem or story of no doubt.... more »