• Gallantry

    Gallant remarks will suffer in front of mortals,
    They object to the prize offered in the aisles.
    Inside, a record has been achieved, of gravity,
    To tear the flesh and love, the livers maniacally.... more »

  • Gang Of Peace

    ... more »

  • Gangs

    Gangs I say are like no other,
    In it varies the bold schedule
    Of a thousand nights.
    Gag the criminal as he gagged you,... more »

  • Gangs Too Distant

    Gangs of fire and ice, their religion is polite,
    As their goals are super-respectable,
    As there is righteous action in all they accomplish,
    A region of space is reserved for their cacophony,... more »

  • Garden Moments

    Bordered on both sides by chunky boulders,
    A garden has arrayed its flowers for all those watching;
    It never bothers the rain, nor does the sun be a star
    Of hot weather on this grassy lane of wet mud.... more »

  • Garden Of Life

    A garden of life is again a garden that I desire,
    It grows from a point and a line that I concoct,
    The real line is here, the garden is upon us.
    What can May bring towards the end of the day?... more »

  • Gargoyle

    Deep and gloomy waters are running rivers in the dark,
    We are adventurers of the mist and jungle;
    Inside the utterly dark jungle is a massive and stunning ruin,
    We are eventually inside after opening with safety.... more »

  • Gas?

    ... more »

  • Gates Of Riches

    Open the gates of riches
    To the beloved prince of kindness,
    Who waited for ever with abacuses
    And counted the coins with adeptness.... more »

  • Gates Of Royalty

    ... more »

  • Gates Of Steel

    Gates of hard steel are like a reminder,
    Their work is from the elder ones;
    Children have trouble understanding the familiar,
    What does this gate mean to their emotions?... more »

  • Gates To Atrocity

    Gates that part will give entry to the other side,
    This indeed plays destruction, played partnership;
    We destroy and work at the felony of the allied,
    This destination is the point of command like a whip.... more »

  • Gates To Darkness

    The gate is walking, the gates are running
    Forwards and backwards just to enlighten,
    Just so that souls enter the dragons of eggs,
    These eggs will be everlasting, so solid due to age.... more »

  • Gather Yourself

    Gather up your knots
    Still destroy the string
    As far as you can make it
    Like a weird and wondrous puzzle... more »

  • Gathering Dragons

    Gathering the dust underneath means you are submitting!
    To who do you submit your will?
    My master forbade the dragon to utter darkness
    And submerge in it at the same time.... more »

  • Gathering Ghosts

    I gather my joint hands to worship,
    My supplication is accepted for it dines
    On the food of heaven as a bridge or afterlife.
    My actions are numberless inside the grave... more »

  • Gazing Out

    I gazed out over the crazy sea in halves,
    Faint breezes witnessed me as well,
    Inner youth was a commodity, in surplus.
    But she marries the wrong man, in this stand... more »

  • Geese By Sight

    ... more »

  • Generated

    A pressing demise is generated by manners,
    Heirs of the recipient are overburdening
    And were lacking as far as coincidences shone,
    Like the theater and its light that follows.... more »

  • Generosity

    Getting a good life has been a knowing disease,
    A ready living haphazard that is your property.
    I find people are kinder as the days go by,
    As they travel like a boat on a sea, and not a river.... more »

  • Geniuses Of Fairness

    I was in a great assembly of monsters,
    Each of us had a cupful or two;
    The seventy maidens were also staged
    At a distance, going off to revolving lands.... more »

  • Gentle And Sweet

    On the gently sloping street,
    A family of angels surprises
    Us as we meet their being
    And all their splendour of ice.... more »

  • Genuine Crater

    He created a genuine problem,
    Only they show the experiments
    After they throw the hidden material.
    This devastation is a crater... more »

  • Germ-Free

    Germ-free parts of the body live,
    Palatial fountains are like springs of heaven.
    The palace in this place supplies
    And the organisms or germs will cling.... more »

  • Gestures Of Space

    The music of the universe is silent,
    You walk into the stars as you direct
    Actions and endeavours that astound.
    I have to find him there, walking in space,... more »