• A Person Passes

    If a person passes a river and swims in it,
    His ideals change for the best of the times,
    So far is the salutation he emits.... more »

  • A Plot

    They began to hatch a plot,
    Galloping creatures succumbed
    To our stares as they rained down
    Like bullets, picking up all the coins.... more »

  • A Poet Is Discerning

    A poet is discerning, he is of sport, he grasps finality,
    A poet is distinguished in the extreme, by alacrity.

    I have a bone, my poetry has a singular trait, and I laugh... more »

  • A Pool Of Blood

    A pool of water causes us to play with words,
    Inner feelings may conceive an exalted frame of mind.

    A pool is like radiation, all the yawning is converted... more »

  • A Pride

    I forsake a pride to willfully blind
    A man who seeks enlightenment
    Too hard.
    May he die hard and pennies be collected... more »

  • A Prophet’s Zeal

    The prophets are men of astonishing zeal,
    Greatness reigns over their souls, so much meal.
    Every prophet guarantees the result, the last day,
    Professing special causes, leaning on shoulders.... more »

  • A Public Figure

    Do we name blindly and call blindly?
    Or do they all swear to the loyalty of what is above?
    A public figure is such that dreams are discussed,
    His nickname was a first name, and he called... more »

  • A Quick Life

    A quick embrace is all you need more than the scheme,
    A little life slides down the arm, more to blaspheme.
    The roads in arms and legs stain the road with life
    That ended one day ago, when I had a wife.... more »

  • A Quiet Area

    This a quiet area, brings promise
    Coughing its way to the key body;
    The root of rest is the angle of age,
    My library rightly proposed the rule... more »

  • A Real Dog

    Fiercest creatures are held on a leash,
    They are dogs of skill and they relish
    The lunch that stays in the mouth chamber,
    Crawling like blood is in their heart and liver.... more »

  • A Real Fox

    To get real and being real are different,
    One vixen is another fox, which stir
    In reality itself, as they approach you
    To test and command with naughty food.... more »

  • A Receptacle

    A receptacle is handed down to peace,
    For the liquid consumed itself;
    For a recluse, he handles peace,
    And for a student his war rages on.... more »

  • A Return To Clowning

    Returning to the mist, a new clown moves,
    Fading into the sun and its dreams all the way.
    An actual act has been committed by this very same drunkard
    Over the pastures of November and December.... more »

  • A Rich Man

    Gustav is widely worshipped,
    For he is a god of luxury.
    He is to be resurrected when he dies,
    And then the riches can be found... more »

  • A Royalty

    The king of talk is a monster of style,
    A man in difference, of every mile.

    The queen can colllect a jewel,... more »

  • A Sacrifice

    Offering us a sacrifice means work,
    Guiding us along the path of much darkness.
    We regret and undo the deeds of health,
    A shadow displays the wonder of light.... more »

  • A Sad Day

    The meaning of leisure and to stand straight
    Is the same.
    A day such as today can never neatly be nice
    As is the day and night.... more »

  • A Sea Of Philosophy

    They smell the grass and enlighten their lives,
    They feel the harsh water of the livid sea,
    They fight and tighten a raft after the record,
    And then the fists are turned in the direction... more »

  • A Sea-Disease

    A disease cancelled my dreams,
    Inside a dream was this dream,
    I gather the affliction was burden
    On the mind and soul, burdening me... more »

  • A Seasoned Driver

    For all those seasons yours are bolder still,
    Man wants the woman strong and ardent most,
    If men do think more suddenly and boast
    When sweet are women due to greater skill.... more »

  • A Shadow Of Wealth

    A shadow of the sun shook me as if heat
    Turned on me with loss, heat tossed and turned;
    The energy offered by the few who are priests
    Struck us with pebbles, stones and then boulders;... more »

  • A Sheet Of Paper

    A sheet of paper is wrestled by the wind
    Like living tissue inside us.
    It is a shown substance of celebration
    Like the masses of people in harmony,... more »

  • A Short-Cut

    There was a route too quick,
    To the very occurrence of sick,
    I can not complain,
    And too so main,... more »

  • A Side To The Soul

    ... more »

  • A Sign

    Under the sun I state a sign written by you,
    It was collected by my inner mind.
    Opening this chapter of my life,
    I saw too many people in trouble.... more »