• Gone Away

    I have gone away and I shall hesitate to stay,
    Ousted and wept my partial compliance the day.
    When night I suffer and expensive cures I hide and
    Seek whatever held my trust as long as I live inland.... more »

  • Gone To Hell

    Hell has prison cells that laugh always, that hides then.
    Hell has events and evils, hosts and devils, do you see then.
    Angels shall evilesce partly or fully, so that you must define.
    Some people would have the hell of trouble, not sin.... more »

  • Gonging

    Gongs are dropped by the people in black,
    They are intrepid because of their colour.

    A rich sound is displayed for the wicked in character,... more »

  • Good And Evil

    The difference between goodness and evil shatters a soul,
    Honesty seeks you, and you do not seek it, like a soul.
    People favour you when loved, people are like souls,
    The soul can withstand the other side, a fellowship is gained.... more »

  • Good Deeds

    The right deed is a good deed,
    Feathers are reclined on since birth.
    One saying carries new meaning
    For those who listen and create deeds.... more »

  • Good Friend

    Good green and giving friend,
    To little people is the word;
    Go to travel on a horse fetching wind,
    With wings it uplifts the soul above the heavens.... more »

  • Good Luck

    Your good luck happens to us all,
    Especially when the stagnant pond is disturbed.
    Life will explain why your deeds are complete,
    Here the dice are rolled for the future, and we command.... more »

  • Good Men Learn

    Good boys learn in the other way,
    Pulling the eyes of strangers that say.
    Fortune still lives among us in this way,
    Living well, forgiving others is too gay.... more »

  • Good Work

    I open the door to good work,
    Hoping a way is open to hard work.
    This is the route to happiness,
    Minds are engaged in hope and harps,... more »

  • Goodbye To Sorrows

    Goodbye to your sorrows,
    But greetings to your tomorrows;
    I find the sadness as simple as me,
    Please choose the words in memory.... more »

  • Goodness

    ... more »

  • Gouging

    Cleanly gouging the eyes in lieu of mistaking the scene
    Is to lacerate the heart, and all the worries shall erupt
    And gashes bleed small ways, with great boils to add,
    Letting steam escape from the treatment of the wounds.... more »

  • Governing And Obedience

    The government commands us to obey,
    If living inside a soul continues, we obey.
    My governing is gorgeous, I obey myself,
    The incoming missiles are defeated.... more »

  • Graceful Pillar

    Grace has a pillar of obvious concentration,
    Of stone it is built, of a soul and mind it stored.
    Grace may live among houses
    Where the pier of gratitude is,... more »

  • Grade Of Work

    He artfully conducts his grade of work,
    Managing a statue of light in the murk.

    One reason for the nets and fellowship... more »

  • Gradual Earth

    Gradually the sun surpasses us
    With vigour that invigorates the hearts
    Of those who are smaller than the restless.... more »

  • Grains Of Patience

    A grain crushes the gown it wears,
    For you made the night into darkness
    As you ate each grain in this period.
    The day is continuous out of your heavenly status,... more »

  • Grand Importance

    A great deal of importance is attached
    To the realm we are dwelling.
    The real importance and grandness
    Is gravely awesome, much too awesome.... more »

  • Grass Between My Toes

    I cannot remember the grass between my toes,
    Wanted some energy to be left to the place of my abode.
    This religion fascinates me, and it is garden's delight,
    Opening to the heavenly designed springs... more »

  • Grave After Grave

    I cannot go to grave after grave and weep over you,
    I can not conceive of your name when names are strong;
    My name is wielding masterful enterprise, but what of yours?
    It is the dead that speak to thousands of voices in the cosmos.... more »

  • Grave Face

    This cloth tends to be simple,
    Simpler virtues predict a gathering
    When the coming fairly gives in.
    The fair comment abolishes the summer... more »

  • Grave Understanding

    Save me when I am young,
    Understand the thesis of living,
    As far as the cabin of highness.... more »

  • Grave Words

    Grave words uttered through the lies
    Have entered the slight hand of a master.
    You penetrate the ideas of a man with guile,
    Pursue his character until he mastered the actual life.... more »

  • Gravel And Mud

    ... more »

  • Graveness

    Forces keep working on the world,
    The return to the ground is called gravity;
    It is called gravity, because someone falls,
    Falling and jumping are acts using gravity.... more »