• Graveyard Of Trains

    The men of the east expire,
    Their faults are not like something entire;
    The cars fall into sins and drives,
    The west hates the number of housewives.... more »

  • Graveyards

    One realises the woods are graves of the dead,
    Internally, he bleeds for the wounds inflicted
    By wounds by wounds, from the hounds of life.
    This reality beneath which resides the globe,... more »

  • Gray Knight

    Gray is vibrant, nagging us terribly,
    For it is dark in its enticement,
    It lures you deliberately, and dreams are on.... more »

  • Great Children

    Great-nephews married to the larger librarian,
    His volumes mattered to him, his children were him;
    These kids had missing demises, responsibility occurred,
    Inclined to be highly medical and full of flair.... more »

  • Great Mind

    I have a great mind from extensions,
    Similar events create difficulties that delude
    The people in front of the soul,
    A people in difficult surroundings.... more »

  • Great Minds

    Great minds dissolve in losses,
    The meaning for the formality is clear,
    For great minds cause the debate of wares
    That destroy their famine and fear.... more »

  • Great Pride

    I have a day of great pride,
    My hazards excel the side
    I call danger, an abrupt end,
    An excellent way to bend... more »

  • Great Royalty

    A great many countries are each budding to support a king and queen,
    This is entertaining the health and wealth of the nation, the many nations;
    Lasses and lads conjecture on the plans of the international scene,
    Affairs are postponed, rehearsals are performed, appreciation is made,... more »

  • Great Space

    Pompous language suggests I suffer from you,
    Let us with them burden others for the words.
    Sun and stars gather at night to meet the day,
    Never do stars suffer from the eyesight,... more »

  • Greater Light

    ... more »

  • Greatly On Love

    How much power and for what end is itself,... more »

  • Greedy

    ... more »

  • Greedy Men

    Greed is a man who lurks in the dark,
    Offer him food to make him hungry
    Then in the dark.
    The greedy people stop and glare... more »

  • Green Land

    Green is the land with great brightness,
    Inside a dangerous commodity called life,
    Stinging the eyes with conspicuous reality,
    And deriving equations of grandeur that die.... more »

  • Green Loveliness

    The green loveliness comes forth,
    It is a leaf that endangers the soul
    With its beauty, understood by gardens
    As the unit of nature and natural surroundings.... more »

  • Green Woods

    The green woods revel when in the growth,
    The enjoyment accompanies us so early;
    The tables and chairs of the wild shuffle
    Around and around like the very weather.... more »

  • Green World

    The world was green last night,
    With the cover of darkness greenery was the test.
    Innovated practices appeared for the prayerful ones,
    Existing in our heads as well due to the prayers.... more »

  • Greeting It

    A greeting has been achieved of a long sort,
    The madness of a revolver is upon us.
    The greeters speak many colours, of fierce
    And many ways, too much whining happened.... more »

  • Grey Spaces

    Grey spaces conquer speaking and talents that absorb
    The stations of brilliance, a clinic of wonderment;
    May the head bulge and destroy the wonders
    Found inside the box that sold itself.... more »

  • Grief Is So Unkind

    Grief is so unkind, malice is so hurtful and painful,
    Great works are so punishing and the worst crimes
    Are badly written as they expel the resorts and efforts.
    May this time with your friend be like the knighthood,... more »

  • Grievance

    Grief is the joy of a quake and slumberous acts,
    It caresses the heart of the beloved as he speaks;
    Grief is a mountain that I climb for the world to see,
    My accursed fellowship is a remainder of fortune and lies.... more »

  • Grievances

    Does it fester
    Like a sore?
    Does it stink
    Like old doors?... more »

  • Groaning Sea

    With a groan of ancient licking,
    It was like stones falling into the sea,
    With the great wheel of doom turning
    And spinning in the air like a craziness.... more »

  • Growing Old

    Growing old nears vision of extreme pleasure,
    Like a godly delivery of waste and space,
    Of living and stinking the hard kids,
    Of lifting no finger on bullies of schools,... more »

  • Growing Phantoms

    To be the consideration of a phantom is growing
    Into consideration, one of the thoughts.
    Many have descended and stolen their goods
    So that phantoms describe a foolish day.... more »