• Hairy Curses

    Hairy and cursed are the incarnations
    Of this disorder we describe,
    Fearful is the man with doom,
    Fearsome is the wolf of this kindness.... more »

  • Half A Million Peasants

    Half a million peasants conjectured a place,
    Deep in the countryside a new force had emitted
    Their resolve and soul to overcome a most eternal
    Power of drinking and intoxications.... more »

  • Half Of The Sun

    The sun halved our love for food this day,
    Your slavery is like god on this hour of the highway.
    For it is like god, the meagre ray of sunshine
    Is in sight, like god.... more »

  • Half-Heard, Half-Seen

    A half-heard gasp, and I go clothed to the tooth,
    Of the night there is an empty market,
    And now in imagination the fortnight arrives
    Which is more or less obsolete.... more »

  • Hallowed People

    Hallowed death is grateful to the imaginary being,
    Harmonious life startles us when you are real.
    Hapless victims of a minor existence
    Guarantee the pleasure of the existent ones... more »

  • Hand Of A She-Devil

    I saw her hand of the devil's brew,
    I saw her head with ruination of steam,
    The water evaporated to let in glued bodies
    So that sweat was a past affair.... more »

  • Hand On Your Brain

    Your hand on your brain,
    Your hand on your own,
    This brain cries from a day
    That forsakes a time of life.... more »

  • Handshakes

    The joining of hands compels one to be a bridge
    That is built in a day;
    These germs are your germs
    Inhabiting the monster’s skin.... more »

  • Happiness Is Movement

    The identity of happiness travels farther than movement,
    Memories stay with black heaths as they recede in the darkness;
    I see music and hear art, liking the cinderella and the nation
    On the night of the ball that marries me with joy.... more »

  • Happy

    Happiness is exciting as boredom,
    More envious than any property
    Your soul possesses.... more »

  • Happy Health

    Health carries happiness for some,
    They master the cures for the ill,
    The ill end their lives with a kindness
    Due to skilful doctors all around the world.... more »

  • Happy Islanders

    To govern the nation of strength
    Is to be gorgeous, irreligious and irresistible.
    In the strong liquors is a mystery,
    Of light and darkness, that of the country.... more »

  • Happy Me

    The light of happy times goes by like me,
    A twist occurs, for everything tonight;
    May worms delet these times frustratingly,
    So I can cause some minor work to fight.... more »

  • Happy Thoughts

    Going to thoughts that reside in happiness
    Collects for you a compulsion to act divinely;
    And so a loop emerges for the betterment of the soul,
    The soul has learned the religion of truth.... more »

  • Happy With The World

    Happy man think why I am so proud,
    My mind says pathways of light
    Between the heavens and the earth,
    So we say that the future is succulent.... more »

  • Harassment

    A harassed heart finds humanity,
    Dripping from a blade and scythe;
    The staggering achievements are fed
    To lions of strength and breathing.... more »

  • Hard Frost

    It was a hard frost, that day,
    The wintry sun, though powerless,
    Kept an air of blessing,
    Forming a majestic feeling of purity.... more »

  • Hard Goals

    Goals shake to progress and concisely
    Play the reality of sport and soccer;
    Yes, the goal of our life is the aim,
    And the aim hates us when hard.... more »

  • Hard Memory

    They sat their hardest stares at the memory
    Of a man divulging in the converging stream;
    Their philosophy was soft to the touch of danger,
    Tests harder than those dendrons of the higher start.... more »

  • Hardly Men

    Hardship suffered from the sun and stars,
    Rays of light fall onto the mountains of highness;
    A man is against all the ways of men,
    One man stood at a pinnacle one denies.... more »

  • Hardship

    Excruciating and harrowing throb alarmed me,
    Exercising my mind with pain and agony;
    The opening of gates should ensue,
    To the world of pleasure, the life of fun.... more »

  • Hardship Is Hardship

    There are so many roads for the fallen and distorted,
    That presents and gifts journey to their recipients.
    There has been sent a soul for the soul, a present
    From the soul to the soul, like a wrapping of gold.... more »

  • Hare And Where?

    quick and speedily, a hare ransacked 
    a skeleton of a rascal-compulsion;  
    then oblivion! it rising stood now with vibration 
    for it took the cook of food, stopping it.... more »

  • Harmful Cigar

    May harm force an injury,
    Let the beginning of time be day.
    The day shall end in victory
    For those in night, and the night... more »

  • Harmonic Water

    Harmonic rivers cast their tempo
    To alleviate suffering and sureness;
    The shadows of the rivers probe
    And foster children as they are neglected;... more »