• Harmonious Soul

    I remember a dark arm after a being of favours,
    He was one who owned no common soul;
    This food of pride kept the world revolving,
    Against all enemies prepared.... more »

  • Harmonious Time

    Run on, sweet lad, into harmonious time,
    Open the door, so often the scents are yours;
    Melt the butter in the pan and watch us grow
    As you run on into a time of cooking.... more »

  • Harrowing Feeling

    You harrow my feelings like a log,
    It is on flames, and entering the sweetness.
    Describe the clatter and clang of tools
    And find me a world of dangerous smoke.... more »

  • Harvest

    Death is the upshot of a terrible year,
    It sings of fruit at first, but then descends into doubt,
    Like a ghastly crop and miserable phase;
    Enter a field of vegetables for the purpose of peace... more »

  • Haste

    Haste is bargained for trust
    As love of hesitation is big.
    You create a talking tool
    For your haste to be wept... more »

  • Hastened Steps

    Take a peek at the filled air of smoke,
    Running up ahead threatens the smoke
    And the glare of the sun as it winds down
    The heat for the day's work and splendor.... more »

  • Hat Of The Stars

    The cape I don is like victory concealed,
    Inspiration is the reaction of this.
    My breath worked more and more every day,
    As the torture of the sun was above.... more »

  • Hatch

    Hatch the egg offered above the shelf,
    Inside, the foetus is maiming itself.
    Help it - one more will be orchestral,
    Like a person who is minstrel,... more »

  • Hated And Loved

    Hated are the cruel of the ages,
    Their emotions are stronger than stone and pages.
    Hated are the young of the ages,
    Where are endeavours, the support and fences?... more »

  • Hated Juices

    To drive a drink is abolishing the practice of good nature,
    It is drinking of water and ice, some divine nomenclature.
    They jolt the brain and extinguish a fire in the mind,
    Dropping, dragging, but paddling it, always behind.... more »

  • Hated Wounds

    It occurs to small acts accordingly,
    Display some of these ways once you smile.
    The lead bullets smartly rip and roar
    Evolving into wounds so downright disasters.... more »

  • Hatred

    Hatred, mighty and best of the quantities
    That deliver praises to that that is non-excellent,
    That which majesty is against, aghast and anxious.... more »

  • Hats Are Heights

    Hats are heights,
    What trouble is in the cap of danger?
    Hats must be worn like helmets,
    Torn to shreds by the bullets that animals roar,... more »

  • Have Heart

    We have reason in hearts of hours and days,
    Pure fishes swim towards the brain's crimes.
    Our purity match the cattle, our powers are like foxes
    That bleed like the lambs of the night and day.... more »

  • Have Joy

    I have joy when loves are forsaken,
    They are likes now that make the enjoyment.
    The joys are numerous, to prefer a pleasure
    Is to abstain from wrong, the wrong of danger... more »

  • Have Peace

    I have peace in the air this day,
    The atoms of our bodies are in peace;
    We stagger with uneasiness as we say,
    The peaceful remains of ours are to cease.... more »

  • Hazardous Anger

    ... more »

  • He Created Me

    You strive for the creation to exist
    Like your making and power to enlist.

    You eat in huge amounts of peace,... more »

  • He Did Not Budge

    He budged not, he budged not,
    Emphatically the words denied the words
    As speech rallied forth due to conspiracies
    Attacking one's strength, into the madhouse.... more »

  • He Died

    Die as a man and woman did when they did.
    To die I just live and then seem to wander from life’s pathway
    Into a loving way of day and night to come.
    To come my life feels energetic.... more »

  • He Drew The Portrait

    He drew portraits becoming the second,
    Five years were like the servants of art.
    In his apartment a lying man was subdued
    And the art was subdued by the losers.... more »

  • He Exists

    I preferred the platform of misuse,
    Extensive sleep and three years of stability,
    For the crown was worn in shoulder-form,
    For then in this sense the jewels sparkled.... more »

  • He Forgave Me

    He forgave, I revealed my path, then stigma
    Was attached, fines of hatred came and enjoyed.

    The prayer was mine to be a diet, a fasting was born,... more »

  • He Haunts Me

    He haunts me with his supreme art,
    Of tender kindness and agile legs;
    He walks to and fro like the tide,
    The best of the darkness has you.... more »

  • He Is My Man

    He has been master of the house,
    Whilst I maimed his body in this blouse.
    He is lank-limbed as a man,
    I am short and stubby as a can.... more »