• He Is The Culprit!

    The culprits culminate in the position of registry,
    An aimless forfeit complains in the way of the end.
    The baboon munches, he flaps his arms and toes,
    With a banal complaint, like the battles he fights.... more »

  • He Is Wise

    ... more »

  • He Killed Me

    I benefit him, who killed me,
    Yet the puzzle is so complicated
    That I benefit him.
    My name concentrates on him,... more »

  • He Lost A Young Devil

    He was lost with a railroad in a river of situations,
    In the direction better influences were miles away;
    Driven by the villages of both chiefs, a clear mark
    Happened to be parked in some collision of the rivers.... more »

  • He Mastered Nothing

    He mastered nothing of irony,
    Not even words on a page running
    Away like careful notes of the pen.
    He followed the leaders and readers... more »

  • He Moved So Straight

    He moved among them with tasks,
    Those tasks embodied the pleasant nature
    Of icy ground, this felony emptied its task.
    Then the elbows were entrenched in mud,... more »

  • He Never Died

    He never died on a month that stank
    Of silver and gold,
    An attachment to great works,
    The matter of working in a place of beauty,... more »

  • He Remembered

    He remembered twice the language
    Of the line and the advertisement.
    A glide of muscles and you get to your feet,
    He followed his feet, his feet were dabbled.... more »

  • He Satisfies Me

    He knows more than Me,
    When you obey the obedience matters,
    When guidance arrives you agree,
    Keeping Him satisfies your soul.... more »

  • He Sees

    He is sightless, he is significant,
    I can sort the waves of sound,
    He enjoys them, but I destroy them with my sight,
    Yet his eyes are like diamonds that are so pure... more »

  • He Sees Us

    He sees us, we are in lines of hearts,
    The sharing few combine to permeate the cosmos;
    One of us is bolder than most, a faint
    Man is against the flow of society.... more »

  • He Sent His Letter

    He sent his letter through the box,
    It grew larger as it progressed,
    Fulfilling the only pleasure of paper,
    For paper warns paper, paper is pious.... more »

  • He Shall Reply

    If you ask the gender of a person he will reply
    That the sky observes yourself as well as him or her.

    Lift the face into the cosmos, with personal conjugations,... more »

  • He Spoke Wisdom

    He spoke of the manufacture of sudden summers,
    Hot and trimmed with kindness, a shade was welcomed;
    Then houses bowed with facades and sun was clear
    Without the clouds of fortunate wool, the sheep had made.... more »

  • He Stood With Dogs

    He stood in front of you made up of sweat and tears,
    Shaking heavily, shaking with tears that tore you,
    His weeping face swore to a goal that desisted,
    Subduing with love this gallon of oil.... more »

  • He Wages War On Them

    More than eternity shrouds the mist,
    Europe bestowed its murky list,
    Venturing into contents of the Europe -
    A European war from the buildup.... more »

  • He Walks In Midlife

    He walks in the light of truth, this is the light of true height,
    My misers are few, my adjustments are cool and blue like the sea
    Shining in the morning breeze, a horizon answers to the goats.... more »

  • He Was Moody

    He was moody as the fast of the spring,
    A whole look was the lonely life in us,
    Some of the time was a shy remainder,
    In this well of happiness we call life that lives.... more »

  • He Was My Flesh

    He was my flesh when he died, sinking to the seabed,
    Ablaze like flames of the entire globe, always in distress;
    Wings were flying the soul with wool and cotton in sight,
    Clothing had to be tired of the body at employment.... more »

  • He Was Teaching Philosophy

    He was two decades old, teaching philosophy,
    Towards the regular shape of victory;
    A second-class lecture turned into crews of laughter,
    Receiving boredom and responding by saying some sailing.... more »

  • He Was Young

    He was young and handsome in degrees,
    He cried at length, persevered with childishness;
    These ladders struck me dimmer than dusk,
    Without him I stood and restored my youth,... more »

  • Head Of State

    Never does the head be strong,
    As bravery comes against the belief
    Of a Head of State who has a head
    And a mind for belief, yet does not act.... more »

  • Headaches Of A Dungeon

    Headaches of an aged man are thick and thin,
    They live together with sound appetite,
    Abhorring the stage that sets in after the rests,
    A jolly memory sinks into place with reposes... more »

  • Headdress

    The headdress of a person is shown,
    Maniac is he, the helmet worn shall concern;
    A hated element of his mind is confirmed,
    Jolliness is not his spirit, nor his face.... more »

  • Headed The Other Way

    They were nowhere to be seen,
    But now the sight defied analysis;
    Picking up the story, we wrote this narrative,
    Curling my writing utensil, defying the senses.... more »