• A Sign Of Victory

    Victory is a special sign,
    Its management is extra delight,
    Resulting from righteous deeds
    And words said by strangers.... more »

  • A Single Reflection

    They are smaller than a weapon,
    Igniting the past with someone’s gun;
    Real heavens are falling faster
    Than the speed of light.... more »

  • A Single Tail

    Be strong with the overpowering Zeitgeist and its tail,
    Be it and all of its glory, for it is written with the stale.
    The arcanum is one that is bespoken by the timid ones,
    It consisted of the rules we are secret with, a family runs.... more »

  • A Sky Of Beauty

    To your imagination a sky will bloom,
    Worlds collide, as a call is made to
    Instigate the twins who roam the earthy ground.
    Clay is their element of construction,... more »

  • A Small Dagger

    I saw a dagger poised to attack,
    Foolish men could hear the scariness
    Of the suddenness that awaited a
    Man of calibre and acuteness.... more »

  • A Small Tributary

    What is this afterglow?
    Why fall into the small tributary?
    It glows at the intersection,
    For it leads in all weathers.... more »

  • A Smith

    A smith was of words with a splendid death,
    The main presence of death meant nothing.
    Words are for deeds as the fish in the sea
    Escalate and provide for their impoverishment.... more »

  • A Snake

    ... more »

  • A Sob

    The man emitted a sob,
    Saying a night was good,
    Saying good night.
    To be almost a minute in this issue... more »

  • A Soft Landing

    It made a soft landing
    On the mountain of hope;
    There were so called lovers
    Ignoring it, feeling devils and demons.... more »

  • A Son Departed

    A son has destroyed me for being father,
    Offering standing satan a reply for courage;
    His eyes keep me in the redness of chairs,
    I sit in them for fear of darkness descending.... more »

  • A Speech You Made

    A speech meant for eager ears was doing its best
    When suddenly a spirit of a bear stammered the speech;
    All ability was lost like the good and the bad acting together,
    I did not pay much attention to the fasting and praying,... more »

  • A Splendid World

    React to the other end of the world,
    It revolves due to spherical nature,
    Obviously round to us, fully able,
    With honesty it moves, so deserving.... more »

  • A State Of Happiness

    An ideal state would be heart with prison,
    To know everything costs this higher position,
    Where the life of the living gathers problems and more procedures.... more »

  • A Statue Has Spoken

    I want the statue to speak,
    I wish his lovely rule was dead,
    And I desire the wrong head
    Of a wonderful man fully in right.... more »

  • A Stranger

    ... more »

  • A Stride

    A stride balances with might, soothing the air and speech,
    Like magic being played for the violin and player;
    Musical remedies surprise that decision of footing
    As feet wear the shoes of description.... more »

  • A Striking Woman

    A striking woman with elaborate robes, plaited golden hair,
    And various tattoos, stood with feet and toes like a hair.
    This speech was of a soft voice, flowery and sweet
    Like the primroses, and the ordinary roses so select.... more »

  • A Strong Love

    This very love fastens onto my shirt of strength,
    I cannot speak unless my ties and buttons move;
    This tooth and these feet make disorder from nowhere,
    Eating the dinner is labour for the forces are at the world.... more »

  • A Surprising Time

    A chance shall come with surprise,
    Underneath the ocean of anxiety and repetition.
    Fishes as large as mountains fling
    Their fins and all at the moon at night.... more »

  • A Tale

    Along the edge of winter
    A tale is spun to praise him.
    It grows with gestures
    Pleading with heaven to... more »

  • A Tale Died

    A tale was found and quartered for the dust
    Died afterwards like the fountains receding;
    It was a history of sorrow, time might complete
    And times may change according to desire.... more »

  • A Teacher Is Like A Flower

    A single teacher abandons the wastelands,
    The lectures are to be found in the relics;
    A study is bound to occur in the tropics,
    While the concentration is poor in the desert.... more »

  • A Term For The Dead

    An ancillary term is given to the wounded,
    Dying and bloodied with bullets of balm,
    So death disagrees and anoints its master,
    Its master is the place of the accident.... more »

  • A Thief

    I am a man, not a woman. My Roman status exceeds me. I
    am a thief who loves you, forever in love with your objects.
    Am I not a liar? Commandments are ‘superior’ to me. Love
    is not my answer for everything like that. Live in conduct, but... more »