• Heating The Cells

    The heating of layers of the soul
    Is so precious for the upkeep of life;
    Scorching the cells, we define
    A real-time tragedy too scorching.... more »

  • Heating The Man's House

    Make a man a house of dogs and cats that run about
    In felicity, children bask in the sun, stars enlighten himself.
    His parents visit him in the night under moonlight,
    Fixing the dinner of eternal love and like, hate and dislike,... more »

  • Heaven Cannot

    Heaven cannot use its arms to partly undo
    My maiden, or comprise loyal subjects.
    Heaven shall hope to praise me with decisions,
    Mocking a fluid moment with solidity that encased pride.... more »

  • Heaven Forever

    Heaven does stay forever in the place,
    Opening doors to passageways of rightness,
    Jaws can split, faces twist, and eyes crumble.
    Heavenly splendours abide in this soiled realm,... more »

  • Heaven On Earth

    And murder wept its tears of regret,
    Folly had a price for all its morbidity.

    Finding gold was enough, enough for me,... more »

  • Heaven Seems

    Heaven seems a place of music,
    Looking everywhere is like watching a world
    Within a world, but the hearing is always
    A result.... more »

  • Heaven Shall Crawl

    Heaven shall crawl forward and backward
    On this line and bridge of dread.
    Hell brought danger to the men who forsook their soul,
    Gently the devil has spoken of an independent activity.... more »

  • Heaven With A Car

    When the carboy became the same we stared at him,
    Whenever you share your heaven with a car, be the light.

    Light is a weapon of weirdness, I am an alloy of metals,... more »

  • Heaven’s Bed

    ... more »

  • Heaven’s Nature

    It is a part of human nature to be
    A measure of awesomeness,
    An image of yourself convinces us
    It shall be momentous before you die.... more »

  • Heavenly

    A remark so dear to my heart has echoed
    To every soul that begins its stay in the world.

    A thought has passed away and resided... more »

  • Heavenly Abode

    Heavenly abode, I call on you to flirt with me,
    Realise my dream, inwardly and outwardly
    In the stroke of genius and the intelligence it provides.
    Heavens are only being houses of pearls... more »

  • Heavenly Affairs

    Heaven is the house of love and majesty,
    Inside its domain is the archery of deeds,
    Lifting arrows of justice as they roam into view.
    Heavenly men and women shall deter... more »

  • Heavenly Flight

    To fly is to need a flight of controversy,
    To be is to see the whole calamity so well;
    A flightpath is chosen by expert hands and wings,
    Felonies are seen down where calmness stirs.... more »

  • Heavenly Mood

    ... more »

  • Heavenly Observations

    I observed the heavens and expected God,
    Between my hips was a lower power of dread.
    I saw an object of an exemplary nature, far too solid,
    Like the space between the Moon and the Earth.... more »

  • Heavenly Pain

    ... more »

  • Heavenly Thoughts

    In the meaning of heavenly thoughts is a blessing,
    You learn from the green and white, the blue and black.
    Any colour is on this sheet of paper,
    You mix heaven with heavenly and dance.... more »

  • Heavenly Valley

    In this valley we find gold and more jewellery for the eyes,
    In the middle of this valley is a treasure so voluminous
    That it is called Paradise, the home of the heavenly servants,
    The place where we meet Our Lord after so many prayers.... more »

  • Heavenly Winter

    Hastened by the cold is winter dealing swiftly with denial,
    Hatred forces mildly, hinting at mortuaries, and graves.
    Heaving in tatters, filling the ambition, having awkward goals,
    When does heaven display a folding and sorting of goals?... more »

  • Heavens Above

    Heavens are above us when stars reign like kings,
    The sparkling lights fold in the shadows of the heart.
    We see customs uniquely, where are the bears of insolence?
    Our light shapes the true worth of majestic beings whose... more »

  • Heavens And Earth

    The starry heavens come out of their shell
    And explode in the universe for fear;
    Deadliest praise is subjected to the void,
    Underneath the splendour or blanket... more »

  • Heavenward

    ... more »

  • Heavenwards

    Heavenwards we bespeak the natural tongue,
    The Islands of the Blessed marry the jubilant air.
    An escape is made to the thrilled hoops,
    The vault of heaven eluded us with hilly regions.... more »

  • Heavy Mountain

    Heavy and winking, a travelled humanoid
    Disfigures the flowering body of burning effects.
    A mind is settling down in a vault too tiny,
    By the stars it seems the wastes of the heavens... more »