• Higher And Brighter

    The mornings were brighter than the sun and the stars,
    Like some safari that imagines, that stays awake;
    Then in this sahara the face explodes to be the sleep
    Of a deep sleep so like dying that death has overcome;... more »

  • Higher Nature

    It will stay and exit the minute you left,
    To guidance you stood and complained,
    To heaven you argued on and delivered,
    A result came so the fullest wisdom.... more »

  • Higher Than Love

    Higher than love is the burden of death,
    Huge is the price of this Morse Code.
    My death is like a horse running to its home
    With hay at the end of its journey.... more »

  • Highest Cities

    The city of the highest rank places
    Its centre to link other zones of sight;
    Are you American? Is your wife a soul
    Of light who imagines strongly the country.... more »

  • Highest Kings

    To sing on highness of kings
    I merely become a singer of halls
    And mirrors, a reflector has become me,
    The rigour of life has been claimed from up above,... more »

  • Highlights Of An Obedient Soldier

    The highlighted hierarchy enlightens
    The environment like the space of centuries;
    Consequences have debates of the detected
    Spirits, likeable assets of the tracts and traits.... more »

  • Highly Valued Objects

    The highness of an object resides in its lustre,
    Demanding traits are discarded, like silk.
    Interiors of the organs of a body are of the corpse,
    Relishing nothing for nobody, and nobody else.... more »

  • Highway

    Where was the highway of cold and hot?
    The burning stars roared with piercing fright,
    With swords in the chirping and daggers
    In the hopping, without fury or ferocity.... more »

  • Hills Of The Planet

    May hills form from illness of the planet,
    Erosion of landforms make them of the planet.

    Exposure to the elements will kill your substance,... more »

  • Hilltops

    Never did pain be a solution to the troubles ahead,
    Pleasant news remained in existence for those with bread.
    The bicycle was a decent invention, so bold and clever,
    Not ever did the right of entry be attached to an achiever.... more »

  • His Brother

    The man of his brother connected
    And buried the other weapons to this date.
    Reconnecting this path to that pathway
    Conferred with difference, as well as the... more »

  • His Charismatic Words

    What, then, shall be his lot,
    His lot and his lot of games?
    For in truth we are overwhelmed
    By his words, passing by him,... more »

  • His Face

    ... more »

  • His Face Falling

    Maybe the face, maybe the face,
    It subsides and loathes never itself,
    Liking its licking contortions like a leaf,
    Falling cheeks and falling branches.... more »

  • His Fortune Taken

    HIs fortune on the turf was elaborate,
    On the sight of you and your bravery;
    This time a rather surprising event took
    Shape and eliminated the men of auctions.... more »

  • His Fury

    More than any character
    To be discovered by the men.

    A demon to toil with alarms
    From the major districts.... more »

  • His Head

    They’ll carry his head
    His head will shine
    On ravaging horses
    Like a centaur of myths... more »

  • His Highness

    Too eloquent, too more than you!
    In this presence of his we chant
    A really good sweet song on us,
    Then presents appease him more.... more »

  • His Prison

    His mouth grabbed his wrists,
    Without warning the boy enclosed
    The area and spun a web of silence,
    You warned him not to obey himself.... more »

  • His Room

    His room was bitterly cold,
    Coupled with the conversation,
    Often through deep snow,
    Often through the refugees... more »

  • His Shoes

    Carrying off his shoes is like days and roads
    Being the unities of a people who move and learn.
    This that diverges carries a proof of existence,
    That which converges means a beauty.... more »

  • His Stomach

    His stomach was moved from the pan of trouble,
    He had no sense of workmanship and joy,
    So that protests detested the horizon,
    And work had been a sheathed affair of brilliance.... more »

  • His Way

    In His way you must strive, to undo the changes
    Of your life, that mingle with flames and abundance.
    I have an ear that constructs war and carnage,
    For my lesson is achieved and my pressure is less.... more »

  • Historic Event

    A scarcely historic event this was,
    A professional war this was,
    This was the famous incident
    Of love and drama and right.... more »

  • History

    ... more »