• Hospitable

    How generous the body when afflicted with generosity!
    This generous stretch is of the carpet, of the mat
    And the slave of the heart is the man with hospitality.
    Mathematics complained over the food entertained,... more »

  • Hospital Discharge

    Stay where you are! For you are fearful of me,
    As sudden nature foresees mankind as sight.
    My godly work will never be complete,
    Heaven has a place for me, and nobody else.... more »

  • Hospitals

    The hospitals celebrate their works
    On the sucking of the blood for the summary.
    The sentences they devise are affairs
    Of words told from a distance,... more »

  • Hot Pan

    The pan is hotter than heat,
    Filling the eyes with musical hurt;
    Pain is of a difference in this day,
    In this day is a subtraction.... more »

  • Hot Rain

    boiling water sprays verily,
    rocking the hand with heat.

    taken earlier is the body... more »

  • Hot Toys

    I see you with toys of heat,
    Playing, jumping, running with three
    Times the heat of the rider.
    One comes at little to be opulent,... more »

  • Hours Of War

    The hours are sunless, hooking onto light when night,
    Little moons are bigger philosophies of the soul at night.
    I think the protector is on my brainy acumen and zeal,
    Steering my vehicle for me in the life of the deathly wake.... more »

  • House And Palace

    Enter the domain of the kings and haunted houses,
    For the ghosts are awake in my house of a palace.... more »

  • House Of Space

    My space is occupied by the brilliant,
    Heaven holds a place for the rich.
    May we surrender, the peace is ours
    As we speak, so much in contrast is this bliss.... more »

  • House Of Splendour

    From each eye is a house of splendour,
    From each face a combination of numbness.
    Why fight along the expressions of time?
    Where is my burden for the brotherhood?... more »

  • House Or My House

    An earning housed me with cleverness,
    This reason was inside me to clasp
    New roots streaming in like brooks of wine.
    This house, my mansion, created me... more »

  • How Fast Is The Enemy?

    But bites of gorgeous work
    Are stupendous as flight and duty.
    How can service be kept for the brave?
    Armies relax to fight one more day,... more »

  • Howls

    Howling is an act of religion,
    Beneath it is the urge to cry and be in a fog,
    When flowers burst with fruit
    And actions desire each other... more »

  • Huge Clocks

    A huge gun fires its load of lead
    Internationally, yet on this nation
    It has pitfalls to burn and rub.
    One clock is a place for change,... more »

  • Huge Heart

    My heart and soul seeks for splendor,
    The beautiful ones try their poetry and words
    For riches to come in the Hereafter.
    I see unity as a bridge, a sign will tell,... more »

  • Hulking Wedges

    Hulking wedges create mischief among others,
    Peevish thoughts are taken from them
    As they collide within the bodies and corpses,
    Radiating within the customs of zealots.... more »

  • Human Calibre

    The calibre of a human exceeds all acts,
    They subjugate me after the knowledge,
    Their ambulances surpass us in wisdom,
    We create the learning to excesses.... more »

  • Humane And Happy, And War

    We follow the golden rule when it comes to governing,
    A state is led by civilized sisters and brothers of good origin.
    To urge a fight escapes all honesty, the crusade is close,
    So do not escape the war, nor repeat after me the fight.... more »

  • Humanity Teaches Us

    Humanity teaches us righteous action,
    So talk to the statistics of this way and really
    Act like a proud sort of helper who depicts all
    In his way, like a human and a father or mother.... more »

  • Humans Can Help

    Humans are not us,
    Our moods do not suit,
    Birth is desirable,
    Death is absolute.... more »

  • Humour In Life

    Humour in life is loving to you when the smile has arrived,
    Dancing and listening to dancing is a star-like quality;
    You are like a star that shines in the heavens, in bliss,
    Love is watching you as friendship looms and touches you.... more »

  • Hunching

    I hunched over the book of thoughts,
    Contemplating the photograph,
    Promising the exact inches of my thoughts,
    Pumping the knees ever vigorously,... more »

  • Hundred

    Hundreds of joking hatred gathered together for everlasting stay,
    Two hundred were solidly in love with themselves,
    Three thousand voices were heard.
    A crowd must be heated in straight affairs... more »

  • Hundred Marchers

    In a minute the hundred men march and stray,
    Then they become suddenly scared,
    Annoyed at the gathering before them,
    Open them then, open their fellowship.... more »

  • Hunted One

    You are supposed to hunt the right fellow,
    As of now mister!
    You can live morals suited to the kingly few,
    And the pious ones, master!... more »