• Hunting

    Hunting a person after the rain
    Carries a joy to the skull.
    Hurting is surprising like the snow,
    A man in action enjoys his heart.... more »

  • Hunting For Jaguars

    The old charts are in the world,
    Laughter gropes and gapes at the moist
    Ones, who see five kilometers,
    In the fog and mist when they die.... more »

  • Hurtling Rocks

    The checked rock hurtled to the floor of caves,
    Thick darkly smoke puffed in adders of hate,
    Such a gift for prime machines and talents
    Of numerous dates; those people stare utterly.... more »

  • Hurtling Souls

    As they hurtled past ice walls
    They conspired and considered;
    Who gains the considerer’s thought?
    The ice walls spoke a wheel of thought,... more »

  • Hysteria

    I love walking on the railing,
    This greyness fetches my brain sailing.
    The illness of a man is in the head,
    Hearing and sight can be bled.... more »

  • Hysterical

    The hysteria that joins us to the present day
    Is like the award of a hard day’s work.
    My solution to the problem is the same
    As all good knowledge, all sacred talk.... more »

  • I Ache

    Lots of them are sadder and madder,
    Too much can bestow a supreme achiever.

    Addressed by supremity and lost by madness,... more »

  • I Act According To Light

    I have drunk from the cup of young light,
    Inner peace reaches my heart like the ones
    With life and existence, love and distinction.
    I saw a godly emblem and was told what to say... more »

  • I Admire The Sight

    I admire the hated beings of our sight,
    The sailors met the beginnings of our sight.

    The sea of hate is a grass of the greatness,... more »

  • I Alone

    I that am I alone,
    Crafty and unique;
    Skilful, excellent.
    I that am fire... more »

  • I Am

    ... more »

  • I Am A Peasant

    I was a peasant like the world of old nature,
    Wood and bone made me a beggar for life.
    The real value of a village produced animal
    Feelings in my head and soul, the very drink of blood.... more »

  • I Am A Pilgrim

    I am a pilgrim searching for a ride,
    To journeys that master the achievement.
    I learn of deeds dangerous and dry,
    Wet like the rain, easy like the spring.... more »

  • I Am Alone

    I am alone in the association of humans,
    I am the only one with the soul to be distressed.
    Heavy illness mingles with the waters,
    The sea-life and the home-life shall never differ.... more »

  • I Am At Court

    I am angry and friendly, I chose
    The just view, and the injustice as strong.
    It bored me when the just men entered,
    With literacy and strength as well as virtue.... more »

  • I Am Brave In Heaven

    At the beginning my stones reflected
    The town in the middle of heaven;
    Half an acre was blessed by bravery,
    One other half reflected the pillars of duty.... more »

  • I Am Dead

    I am death, and the right hand spells well this left hand;
    I sadden the soul of mine, innocence does correct it
    When the hands will replicate the blood of ages
    And the green and blue grass shall witness a shower from up above.... more »

  • I Am Dreaming

    I am dreaming of a cure,
    Middle way, in the very middle.
    My ailment is recognised by some,
    Before abolition of the laws.... more »

  • I Am Feathered

    I thought one day the feathers of mine had collapsed,
    The innocent wings which fly for me, the innocent wings.
    These flap due to surges in the wind, and to the tail
    Worth my action, worthy of fruit and sugar.... more »

  • I Am Filled With Emotions

    I am filled of emotions taking more thoughts,
    The crowd hears them, cool and calming;
    My anger besets, my oration is here,
    The words that seem to be loved are heard.... more »

  • I Am Fixed

    I am in your company,
    Any longer will be the end of me.
    I came up to say something,
    To dispute about a deed and its relaxation.... more »

  • I Am Fluttering With Rage

    I am bursting when I am disappearing,
    Powerful is the pulse of my hand and arm,
    Pulling me in the chosen direction,
    The lane of my troubles, the road of my ache,... more »

  • I Am Food

    I am right about your food,
    So wrong about the moods of sure

    I see the return of the queens... more »

  • I Am Form

    I ride wrongly and accuse the believer,
    He has sacked me and called me godly,
    For my twitches are sacred and the art
    Of the soul is finished in the forms of death.... more »

  • I Am God

    ... more »