• I Am Golden

    I shall be golden in admiration for the boastful,
    I shall chop the competitors in town once they speak
    And sprint to their likenesses, little has been clapped.... more »

  • I Am Graced

    I am graced and I greet you with open arms,
    Hands are stretched out to keep your heart.
    My heart has good wishes for you,
    I want to complain, I need some time to explain.... more »

  • I Am He Whom I Purchase

    I am He whom I purchase with my coin,
    This is slavery of the haunted mansion.
    My muttering causes others to skin their
    Victims, causing alarms of defence.... more »

  • I Am In Wealth

    I am so many years in wealth,
    I was placed in the white dress of youth,
    My station of importance was a shawl of health,
    The sailing shoulders represented real riches.... more »

  • I Am In Your House

    I am in your house that belongs to the head and heart,
    I am in your finishing phase of life that is retiring from the heart.
    But this I concoct, a concept from the head, of innocence
    And dread, but the same information connects to the other side.... more »

  • I Am Like A Bridge

    I may not suspend like a bridge
    Of southern aspects, slivers of gold
    Await me as they anoint me from the inner
    Virtues that I beheld so vehemently.... more »

  • I Am Lost At Sea

    I am lost at sea, swimming,
    Miracles come to the heart
    That is sinking far too quick.
    I am a man of the water,... more »

  • I Am Magic

    I am magic, I am a singer of great grade,
    One borrows from time the immense music
    That is played all-through and connects it
    With the life of eternal happiness.... more »

  • I Am My Hand

    I am my hands that uplift
    Their twenty fingers so hard and fast,
    Those I am that function
    Due to my wits,... more »

  • I Am Pouring Laws

    I am not a poet who rules out laws
    Mysteriously lurking in the dark;
    To make this male being swerve
    In speech while serving is like no pararhyme.... more »

  • I Am Rich

    Good God, my fortune has been foretold,
    It is a disappointing fact and religious dreams are dead.
    Distinguished people will lack practice when given wealth,
    But I am enough to say, I a rich man is today in health.... more »

  • I Am Sick Of Sight

    I am sick of foes in the dust at my feet,
    My weeping is due to them at my feet;
    Let my heart weep also, and my eyes
    Are leaping the shadows with despair.... more »

  • I Am So Clean

    Harshly I am dealt by the heraldry
    Of my family
    For the roads inherit the selfish... more »

  • I Am So Small

    I am small as can be, swift as a dagger,
    Like birds my weight is carried, a sorted
    Affair, of percussion instruments, and lore.
    The study of the people of the drums... more »

  • I Am Stone And He Is Dust

    I see someone built like stone,
    Cities of stone have amassed into globes,
    Globes have returned to the dear dust.
    An esoteric knowledge is read by a sage... more »

  • I Am The Doctor

    Go in a road rehearsing,
    Love another soul
    So deeply, so wildly
    As to specialize with care... more »

  • I Am The Parent Of Poetry

    Noon knows your mood,
    Shall I replay the movie?
    Nothing blames the friend
    Who connives behind the back.... more »

  • I Am The Way Of Words

    I am the way of the wars and words that empower
    The established medium, the critical men are me.
    My own transaction is of seeing and memorising,
    Of reading and reciting, like an ox or deer.... more »

  • I Am Those Men

    I am Those who win their soul,
    The active one is an accursed one,
    The devils are chained in the death night.... more »

  • I Am To Live Forever

    To die is to live, and to live is to die,
    My occupation is supreme in the eyes of the Lord,
    My world of worship confesses the good news,
    Many planes of existence occupy the heavens.... more »

  • I Am True

    Exactly, I am true, as the wise man said,
    Returning to the bedroom when I was sleepy.
    So true I was that I had lived a thousand facts,
    Turning them over in my reality, like the Sun burns everyday.... more »

  • I Am Very Pleased

    I am pleased to say
    This argument lets forever,
    Letters are displayed too far,
    And far is the massage of... more »

  • I Am Very Tearful

    Oh, I am very tearful,
    Although the heart cries and dines
    On her like the bell, and tongs
    Become sick of heat on the hearth.... more »

  • I Am Wearied

    Return to me like a ghost, a wearied creature like a man
    Who was so appalled by youth that he died and became as I can.
    Return to me as if you know me from somewhere else,
    The place is no secret from where you came, someone else.... more »

  • I Am Wine

    I am wine for you to drink and extract pleasure, just slowly,
    So that alcohol is consumed to deter, just slowly.

    When the substance floats away and crumbles beneath the skin of the Earth,... more »