• I Wish Him Age

    I wish him a being of age that strings along the time,
    Temptations enter to bend the aroma of food;
    A chief sentiment is explored, followed by food,
    And more eating rituals - stunts of the period.... more »

  • I Wish The World

    I wish the world carried a heart of gold,
    Infer from this world a really exact formula;
    This health, this bridge of quite absolute odour,
    Is furiously awaiting a change and variation.... more »

  • I Wish Words

    I wish that my words were to touch God
    As mountains leap to strange places with their wisdom.

    The insects are alive like the butterfly,... more »

  • I Wonder And Ponder

    I wonder on, I wonder on, like a pondering
    That never ceases from the lake and trees;
    I saw a terror of the woods in final company,
    This distance I broke in many measures... more »

  • I Wonder On A Letter

    I do some wonder in that I sign a paper
    And erase a letter to instrumentally design
    A folded envelope that presents itself too early.
    I go to the lovers of the rhapsodes,... more »

  • I Wondered About Tears

    I wondered why the rain fell like ghosts,
    Where were they uttered, which district?
    Pain dissolved the night, night of cowardice
    Happened to fight and deliver the self.... more »

  • I Wore The Fox

    I wore some Lion's skin, like a hunter grown tall,
    It was in the solar moments, when the lunar spells
    Were absent, and sun had to pierce the creatures.
    I proudly remarked on some misadventure,... more »

  • Icarus Fell

    Icarus tried to feel wonderful,
    He could try at least to fly,
    But instigators of happiness were beautiful.... more »

  • Ice

    Pound the ice with your layers of skin,
    At the edge of screaming agony,
    Forcing the convictions,
    Going fuzzy in mind,... more »

  • Ice Cream

    The ice cream is a factory while it rains,
    It is the catastrophe of the century,
    The sweetness of this lie.... more »

  • Icebergs

    Good is the basis for this island,
    A joking commands this iceberg.
    My ice is cold and the air is hot
    For we hear all the atmosphere.... more »

  • Icy Mountains

    Special ice glints, dazzling wonder;
    One has been a disciple for years,
    The mountains are fellows of blood
    And ice.... more »

  • Ideal Realm

    My ideal realm exists in the country,
    Where the insects are at play, and by day and night.
    The whole authority lies with me,
    Piercing the shields, existing where others do not.... more »

  • Ideal World

    The greatest and best island of this world
    Creates a sense of peace for the world.
    The people desire its importance to shine,
    Your own wickedness is then launched... more »

  • If I See An Ocean

    If I see a wide enigmatic ocean in everlasting fever
    The role of the soul will be manlier and artistic.
    Yourself is the one who revolves and spins from currents,
    The torrents terrify like mountainous wastes;... more »

  • If I Should Die

    If you should die before my illness ends,
    I shall partake in pilgrimages of love to the only one
    Who lost my light, tonight the news of the good news
    Shall enter the hearts of the purified ones,... more »

  • If I Think Of You

    If I think of you, I fall into tears,
    When the memories fade, I remember you
    After much thought that fades away.
    If you think of me, I surrender and listen... more »

  • If Love Entered The Heart

    If love is in the heart for the Ultimate Being,
    Then eternal happiness is found beyond the mountain,
    Eluding the majesty of a king shall shine down,
    Due to death in the whole life of surrendering.... more »

  • If Poetry

    If poems are the truth we are the truth,
    For poetry is a stag and I am a pony.
    My march is rapid and frivolous and pony-like,
    But the dispersal of poetry is captured.... more »

  • If Success

    If success is a hurdle from the highest powers,
    This time the world is sprawling with goblin and ghost.
    For ugly is the guru who enchants the blessed face,
    This prosperous venomous man is a likely guru of sounds.... more »

  • If You Know

    If you know nothing in your heart
    This day madness enters the fray,
    Inculcating an oath of work and despair,
    Feeding a frenzy of fanaticism.... more »

  • If You Love Then Ride Horses

    If you love then colours will arise,
    The whole world will finally arrive,
    And flowers will emerge from the light,
    Like day has victory over the dark night.... more »

  • If You Will Hear Right Now

    Will you believe in my sins if you heard them right now?
    Sins are fourfold, sins destroy the soul as it wins, if you heard them right now.

    Will damage be given to the ear when you pray?... more »

  • Ignition

    Fire speaks such cowardice, always in ringing torture,
    The lesser speech enters one igniting the fuel for anger;
    This instrument strays and displays forty times,
    Like expertise of a beggar, the whole question arises.... more »

  • Ignore Them

    Ignore idiots who remark on some people
    As odd and stale, without them being so.
    Their idiocy remains to this day a triumph
    To the senses, as we neglect them until we smile.... more »