• In Days Of Blood

    Buried by the wind, a yellow house
    Gains acceptance in the eyes of God;
    Underneath the realms of fantasy,
    Lies a world of tragic blood and torture,... more »

  • In Desolation

    What is desolation? Where are your eyes in this chaos?
    Between heaven and earth, our vision is limited like the coldness
    Of water in the Antartica, in the way of the awesome godliness
    Of saints, so richer is the peace of our waves and envies.... more »

  • In Dreams

    To wake in dreams does cost my pocket still,
    My silly job does train a thought from me,
    A yellow man has come to make me ill,
    This enemy is one academy.... more »

  • In Duty

    Then in duty they fall and praise,
    Optional deeds surpass the multitudes;
    These crowds are the masses,
    Their voices surrender to the hatter.... more »

  • In Essence

    Rapid essence is secret weapon for the rich and famous,
    Yet their doing is definite in the eyes of most,
    In the rising of guilt and gunnery.... more »

  • In Every Reality

    In every reality someone combines the hated beings,
    In every made man a striking action comes from armour,
    In all works is a strange disease and disaster, an alacrity,
    In this we confide and we utter certain commands.... more »

  • In Grief

    When death came to a woman who leapt from a bridge,
    Her husband leapt into grief, and was surprised by her act;
    “Help me sleep! ” he cried, “Help me overcome this grief! ”... more »

  • In Happiness

    Some day one sees and watches
    A woman and man in happiness,
    They never break up nor spend their riches
    On wasteful pursuits, it never itches.... more »

  • In Health

    In my health is a shield involved with spitting oil,
    To see me underneath the shield is like being gargoyle.

    To toil and fumble, bakes a thick healthy shape into tension,... more »

  • In Hell

    You live by the book of wonders,
    The book has hell on it when opened.
    The inferno carries pits too grilling,
    The grills are offered by devils,... more »

  • In Ideas You Are Angry

    In black ideas the riding and walking is angry,
    In the questions are answers of the innards;
    Offered by some of us is a promise to uphold justice,
    Yet surely in the head of man is a woman’s touch.... more »

  • In Ignorance

    I was in ignorance over you,
    It was possible for him and her,
    But what is the fight that is better?
    There are two mouths to feed with jewels... more »

  • In Jolly Fashion

    In an orderly fashion the splinters contain us,
    In order to get through a weakling or one of ink.
    He left life, fraternity and produce to become a monk,
    In his early twenties and his unique collection.... more »

  • In Joyous Spirits

    Wallow in joy for the rest of your life,
    Open this sentence with absolute joy.
    A life has immense value with the living art,
    An artistic quality attached to the very heart of affairs... more »

  • In Love

    You were in love with praise as fear is gone,
    The dedication prizes me as one,
    Instead, my faith considers some saffron,
    In this lies beauty like the amazon.... more »

  • In Love Is Beauty

    In love, in deep beautiful time, one delight
    Can blend and mix, blend and migrate
    To a deeper love of threatening mice, so light,
    So bright in white, so very dumb and late.... more »

  • In My City

    In my little wit the forces desire a reading
    Of a London time, and another city to find.
    Dispose those rates we steal and disgrace,
    Let go of London nowadays and ride.... more »

  • In My Confused Spirit

    In this confusion my moments are thoughts,
    Ringing and wrongs complain from the heart
    When my blood runs deep into the bones.... more »

  • In My Dream

    In a dream, I saw myself with a beneficial knowledge,
    The knowledge typifying the knowledge,
    As if a candle had illuminated my heart and ileum;
    Sombre praise had begun to respect me,... more »

  • In My Eloquence

    Do believe in my eloquence,
    This embrocation is vaster than life;
    The glamour of this weapon of words
    Defeats the beauty so grand and bold.... more »

  • In My Hand

    I have them in my hand, defining words,
    For the forces at work are deceitful,
    Kings are mainly the real manners of society,
    Queens instigate their authority on us.... more »

  • In My Heart

    I have a disease in my heart,
    Lots of illness resides in it,
    Good reflections will disobey
    My miracle, my special love.... more »

  • In My Heart Of Hearts

    I was bothering your throne of business,
    In the name of heaven the routine,
    In this much disputed heaven of zeal.
    I was badly suffering, so terrible a man... more »

  • In My Imagination

    In imagination the rights are few and famous,
    Inside the triangle of many disorders lies a weapon
    To make our message shine with love and minor actions.... more »

  • In My Mind

    In my mind the inner light is blessed,
    Acts fly past for all to the breast,
    Letting colours work for the better,
    Finding strangeness as a begetter,... more »