• In My Pocket

    A pocket of pepper
    Entices me after.
    Potatoes mightily
    Oppose the minor ones... more »

  • In My Sleeping Hours

    In my sleep the hours are longer than me,
    In this waking fortunate deal called the day
    I speak to the loved storm so bright and charming.... more »

  • In My Soul Is Justice

    In the window of my soul
    I see the feathers of a bird
    Hatched from the egg of a phoenix.
    This egg is large, global and polite... more »

  • In My Soul Is Life

    No transgressing is in my soul,
    My arms are like peace,
    But they fear God within my neck.
    The Deity is omnipotent,... more »

  • In My Tomb

    In my tomb I relax and enjoy
    The delights of an evening too long.
    It is my veritable and venerable grave,
    The land of engraved words,... more »

  • In Objects And Place

    In every day, night, and all place,
    My quest is the question of still life.
    My face is beaming brighter than light,
    Love lurks, love hurts, with all-embracing... more »

  • In Operation

    Soldiers are in operation, all-through,
    Like a war so bound to disbelieve in wars.
    Unmistakable are the immaculate generals
    To thinkers and to philosophers and guests.... more »

  • In Our Blood

    With some people burning and some concerning,
    The fires of humankind are far out at sea;
    For the water rushes through the seas,
    Littler fishes swim towards their waves of contentment.... more »

  • In Peace

    ... more »

  • In Plight

    We see each other in plight,
    In towns our scare is a clamour of distress,
    They have to stay awake to avoid the city
    Of shards and pikes, of bricks and mortar.... more »

  • In Riches

    Abounding in riches, the inquisitive man
    Is at ease with ample, as destruction looms,
    Adding construction, asking a never-ending plan
    To cause an epidemic, that fed the world with booms.... more »

  • In Search Of Purity

    Purity encompasses our past like fury,
    It comprises the victory signs of the jury.
    A maid of heaven shall be purer than you,
    Instead your place in heaven is sealed like barbecue.... more »

  • In Stars

    The star has passed its test and examination,
    While the planets walk their fill as they fly
    In the playwright's path, the writers and poets
    Also swim in the heavens, like jokers and charlatans.... more »

  • In The Book Of Sleep

    Did what you write include the book of sleep,
    Or were you arranging for a marriage with words?
    The writing is angry of itself.
    Its difference can carry a fair work,... more »

  • In The Cold

    My hazard is a parcel for us to collect in the cold,
    When wizards bite the skin of their own, in the cold.

    My innocence resides in the head of my trustworthy soul,... more »

  • In The Dead Of Night

    In the dead of night my reflection is genius with the moon,
    And in the temple of love and happiness my daylight begins.
    We are shut for a very long time, in this vase called Time,
    Closed in, suffocated like a soul dithering purposely,... more »

  • In The Death Of Night

    In the dead of night, a man begins his flight into darkness,
    He says, "The earthy plains and the rivers of might bow down
    To objects of delight, fierce winds arise, and earth is no more."... more »

  • In The Deluge

    The rate of the opinions was great so then
    There was peace, along the borders and shires,
    Speaking non-usable jargon, feeding worthless foods.
    This food opened into the world with dairy milk... more »

  • In The Doorway

    I stand in the doorway for the turning gates,
    Trying to be helpful, trying to be sad,
    Coming forward as tapping is essential.
    Just wander and stand in the room,... more »

  • In The Form Of Music

    Tens of people find hard questions,
    Understanding them entails thoughts
    As their complexities unravel the beauty
    Of time as it enters and exits... more »

  • In The Grave

    My boat is a grave,
    Seas of blood form in my ghostlike mind,
    Forces of deadly power inhabit the spirit of my life
    As I crawl inwardly into a stupor of beauty,... more »

  • In The Ground We Lie

    To roll in the sky died, for offence,
    Ghosts of rigid kind define our alacrity.
    This ghost charms my menacing instants,
    Exemplifying the power of time, as it is space.... more »

  • In The Hemisphere

    In this hemisphere of formations
    There is a burden of the global kind.
    Fossil fuels are depleted dangerously,
    With blazing minds the people worry.... more »

  • In The Hope

    In the hopes that the sound was the name,
    You have a parting sense when looked through
    The window of your benign house,
    A straightforward facade is staring at your face.... more »

  • In The House

    I meander through my house in safety,
    Ever in comfort as before, like an abbey.
    In this prayer my questions are answered
    From practice and patience, and afterward.... more »