• In The King’s Company

    Your hopes may never fry and die,
    But those that do shall write,
    For dreams can sink and rectify,
    All sudden happy sight.... more »

  • In The Machine

    In his chamber the answering and questioning machine
    Was blinking, blazing, grinning and escorting like a robot.
    This remaking of the hazards concurrent, expected more
    Than just dramatics, hundred percent was the motto.... more »

  • In The Manor

    In the manor of such thieves,
    My loner stays awake and steals
    From unfortunate men who suffer
    And pray for more each day.... more »

  • In The Middle Of Crime

    Caught in the middle of heaven,
    We launch ourselves into the snow.
    We are in some sort of disguise,
    The rest of us are in a crime.... more »

  • In The Mind

    In my mind is a thought, that betrays
    Nobody, that portrays a background
    To the soul, that pierces and shouts
    With blurred vision.... more »

  • In The Mirror

    I saw his gaze in the mirror,
    My gaze was superior for miles.
    The innocent way of smiling became real,
    His gaze fell from grace to a level... more »

  • In The Night You Wander

    In the night you wander around
    Alone in your house.
    Everyone has described you,
    You recall your childhood as one baby,... more »

  • In The Planes

    So go ahead, and change the laughs,
    There are only probabilities;
    It is much happier to laugh and be merry,
    This relative of mine wants a peace.... more »

  • In The Process Of Existence

    In the mirror I saw a cup of colours,
    Dying and living in the light of its neighbours.
    A nameless darkness struck the gloaming,
    One wondered and waited, forfeiting the lightness.... more »

  • In The Shapes

    In the square and triangle is an ill way,
    Towards the villa of happiness and distress.
    When I looked down upon you, my eye
    Uncovered the passing of monuments and glass.... more »

  • In The Sky

    Doctors are in the sky,
    The sky is in the long lane we catch;
    A thrust in the street of heaven
    Calls the medically trained individual.... more »

  • In The Time Of Homer

    I can be abducted by superstitions lurking in the dark,
    Their feverish impulses are working at my heart;
    This voiceless air connects with the dead and semi-living,
    For they abjure the sight of mortals who abstain from sorrows.... more »

  • In The Way

    Gastric liquids are only gel,
    The castles of foam and trouble;
    With the fuel of philandering
    Cast your shadows on the mirror.... more »

  • In The Whole Mood

    The letter was still in the hand,
    So natural a letter had been sensed
    By those in command,
    Those captives hurt nobody... more »

  • In The Wind

    Up in the wind of a country too bland
    I speak an Earth, too wondrous a land.
    I am in the sky so forward, so backward
    With the winds of the countrymen angered.... more »

  • In The Years

    In the years of light and darkness,
    I love depths of heaven and hell.
    Rehabilitation and a loving manner
    Create both beauty and love.... more »

  • In This City

    In this city of old men I cry for infinite goodness,
    Inside I discover the pride of a man in weeping;
    He has old age and wants to attain new phases,
    The very beautiful houses are in the construction,... more »

  • In This Deed

    In this deed another deed ties,
    By the clear ones who see into
    Introductions, and interactions,
    By the piercing stars lightly bestowing.... more »

  • In This Dungeon

    And in the passage we charted our ways tossing aside paper and stones,
    What pull that is central shall strike at us now that we wonder?
    This dungeon became something of a recluse,
    It wished for disaster as a master of deception.... more »

  • In This House We Pray

    In the house of God I see Him far and near, omnipresent
    So much that I can die before the life does end righteously.

    In this garden of the brave, we hear of valiant knights and saracens... more »

  • In This Literature

    In the profuse literature a sloth has appeared
    To dazzle the brilliant minds with laziness;
    Inside this island of reception is a doubtful language,
    Many minds barge and charge towards the ships... more »

  • In This Room I Shine

    In this room of cold air I stand,
    Living a life that others condone,
    But some revolve around like an orbit
    Of strong help, bonds are not to be broken.... more »

  • In This Spherical World

    In this sphere above, the parts of myths persuade us to flow
    Along the time that dictates our tastes, so this is an argument below.
    The better parts of a meal are hidden on the plate,
    Mythic tastes are roasted and a wheel is this state.... more »

  • In This State

    In this state are a thousand grades of eloquence,
    Round rooms are like bedrooms of sequence,
    But, let the reasoning of the philosophers grow
    And sow the seeds of this flightpath of victorious birds.... more »

  • In This Story

    The deadly notion underneath the story is complete,
    For the learning of offerings defiantly admits distaste;
    One single fever is about in the mind of the storyteller,
    Searching for rigors and vigor, a vulgar duo.... more »