Nayyab Younas Khan Poems


You'll try to see me
What you'll see, a mere silhouette

You'll try to feel me... more »

Who I Am!

Who I am, I asked myself
without any clue
I see things appearing, vanishing,
deceiving me from what's true... more »

Grey Or A Little Taupe

This emptiness that you feel inside your soul
The abstract you had, feels in pieces from it's whole

World's gone upside down and things are mould... more »

Nayyab Younas Khan Quotes

Life is not a one day but a Test Match.It's singles that most matters, not four, not sixes.It's singles that will crown you in the end.Keep on taking singles.
Motivational, Life, Singles
Spread a smile and it will come back to you.....just when you'll need it the most.
Smile Motivational Life Present
No matter if I am not there with you.You don't need me, you just need to know...When even You are not permanent in this world how can your pain & problems stay forever.You will fall, you will get hurt and you will fail. But you'll rise and lift others up aswell. For You are My Dear Your Own Hero. (NYK)
True-Hero Motivational Spirit ShineOn

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