• Aile!

    Ohh we carry hearts of stone
    We stay like this till we turn to bone

    The pain we carry all alone... more »

  • Crowned

    The worries that hold me back today
    The chains my life right now portray
    Are all gonna break, I'll say Hurray!... more »

  • Grey Or A Little Taupe

    This emptiness that you feel inside your soul
    The abstract you had, feels in pieces from it's whole

    World's gone upside down and things are mould... more »

  • Karma

    You'll try to see me
    What you'll see, a mere silhouette

    You'll try to feel me... more »

  • Rain In Summer

    It was summer, and it rained
    I can't express the beauty, world gained

    On my way, Oh I saw, A beauteous sight... more »

  • Sadness, The Human Ally

    I believe I see Sadness
    More than just what makes you cry

    For when you are sad,... more »

  • Sitting On The (Edge)

    Sitting on the edge, what I see
    All roam here and there, busy like a bee

    Faces depict queries, sorrows or some worry... more »

  • The Mad Blood!

    The rays of sun, dash through me
    and burn
    The hope to see an antelope in the clouds,
    surviving the doubts... more »

  • To The Little Souls!

    I rose from my throne one day, and came out of all falsehood
    What to witness, many little souls living in austere childhood

    I found my heart drowning, fading like a setting sun... more »

  • Who I Am!

    Who I am, I asked myself
    without any clue
    I see things appearing, vanishing,
    deceiving me from what's true... more »