Nebe Albert Poems

I Was There

To a Brother a gentle voice was heard. You have taken the freedom of another and yet you walk freely among the sons. Behold the faithful witnesses of your brother.

I am justice, I was there. I was there when you took away the freedom of another and to you I will work my mischief as you did on the innocent.... more »

O Death

Fair and calm,
Easy and free as the wind,
Blow through the heart that understands your simple nature,... more »

Together In Love

You fought the war of ages within seconds.thousands fell behind you and by your side.kings, queens, lords, soldiers and knights under no mans colour.Yet you won the fight and took the price.
Living in a world alone, a rare beauty grew within a space.A flower in a diamond, with a golden stand, on a silver platform.A room seen but beauty grew within.
Time tells, nine steps within a year.They dug a mine for a jade of a unique nature. Blimey! They stood, they rejoiced in two different places of the world.
Within space and time, polished and cut.The best of its kind.Sharp smooth curves and lines.... more »

Nebe Albert Quotes

Death and life, if any should wish not to die, the Same should wish not to have accepted life the first place. Death, a cruel blessing to all and all life will be blessed with it.
death and life

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