• ! ! ! ! ! Thus.....

    Stillness pounces on night.
    the sound of the wind,
    rattling, I'm hearing.
    The tallest tree of my yard... more »

  • ..........______________________

    Will melt
    in the
    air... more »

  • .........Funny Song.........

    If you meet me.
    You won't love dear,
    I have a stick,
    which may arise fear.... more »

  • ........But.........

    Why did the dedication of
    soldiers in the front
    bring tears in my eyes,
    this evening?... more »

  • 100s Of Years

    Trees can live for hundreds of years,
    They well know to live together!
    They tuft to earth, as child's to mom,
    Light, water, and air they do share!... more »

  • 21st Century Sita

    Hi, Ram, don't get late,
    With Ravan I have date.
    Prepare soup for Lav and Kush,
    O, give them also Orange juice.... more »

  • 21st February

    I feel along my veins, my blood,
    I'm a fortunate one who loves
    his mother tongue!
    My heart leaps up in boundless joy... more »

  • 4 Stages- - (Love)

    Your presence
    is an experience
    of rare love I ever
    had...... more »

  • A Very Good Morning

    Wiping all weariness
    We are enjoying the golden
    Ray of the morning Sun.
    The North wind and the fog... more »

  • A Body In Empty Shell

    I want to keep my head down,
    To utter my prayer for us.
    Let, fill us with pure light,
    Let us be as sober as grass.... more »

  • A Darted Dot

    Shutting down the windows
    of mystic mind to stay in
    closed intangible blue-chamber,
    can serenity be stolen by sin?... more »

  • A Flame

    You forgot to
    return my wish,
    or you pretend
    to get cocooned... more »

  • A Fountain

    A fountain there is for
    you, there is a fountain.
    It can't be stopped,
    can't be, by any mountain.... more »

  • A Hut Near A River

    Where I want to live
    with you my seventh heaven,
    is not far from this everyday
    life, but very near to it..... more »

  • A Leaf

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Nothingness is gripping my soul.
    From the heart of my hearts I feel
    something was, encircling me like... more »

  • A Lonely Cloud

    Silence reigned in the valley.
    The lone pass was filled with snow;
    No trees but tufts I could see,
    Frozen rivers could not flow.... more »

  • A Morning Opens Up

    Sleep comes to rest our body
    But soul roams as it wishes.
    It travels the world alone
    When legs deny to move.... more »

  • A Morning Prayer

    Fill the world and every mind
    with your powerful light,
    so that in despair, we can find
    the ray of hope, to face our fight.... more »

  • A Pair Of Eyes

    A pair of eyes constitutes the mass of art,
    A pair of eyes, tells the throb of heart.
    A pair of eyes, is a cool forest pond.
    A pair of eyes, is sorcerer's wand.... more »

  • A Piece Of Moss

    In the evening it was
    raining and I
    was about to sip
    Tea to stimulate me.... more »

  • A Ray Reaches

    In utter despair I feel
    alone and none to
    Take Care of me here
    In the awesome site of poem.... more »

  • A River Of The Will

    A river of the will,
    Plays in my mind.
    I call her to come out,
    But she stays behind.... more »

  • A Simple Task

    Just told you not to drop it,
    o the merchant of Madrid!
    My heart is made of glass,
    it's fragile, care it did need.... more »

  • A Special Salute

    ... more »

  • A Star

    When I cast my look
    at the deep blue
    in the morning
    or at night either,... more »