• A Forbidden Taboo

    Was it all fake? A big mistake?
    Did I take too long to awake?
    I, who felt I could always shift,
    How could I let myself so drift?... more »

  • A Lesson From A Snail

    A snail on a leaf boat crossing a pond, tells me a tale of simplicity.

    A flimsy gamp, over its fragile head is the only protective canopy.... more »

  • A Vain Attempt

    I sit there, blank, above the page.
    Whiteness on white stares back at me.
    A vacuous lull, invades my head,
    A numbness tips over my veins.... more »

  • A Wasted Chance

    For fear of facing a heartache,
    She left the feeling unexplained.
    He had no courage to give it shape,
    So they kept it silent, and pained.... more »

  • And A Silent Volcano Erupted...

    Lost in the abyss of a cobalt-blue sea,
    Far too deep for the human eyes to see,
    Seethes a cauldron of fluid, fierce fire-
    A vibrant pot of hot, throbbing desire.... more »

  • And I Dance...

    After a dry spell here comes the rain
    The showers swish in a sibilant sound
    I hear the beat of the vibrant ground
    And I dance…... more »

  • Atlas

    At the edge of the plain,
    In an unfitting frame,
    Stood all bent, a mighty giant.... more »

  • Escape

    Color me limpid color me white,
    Hide me away from the night.

    Hold me in your arms, that haven,... more »

  • Hidden Semantics

    Hidden semantics of deep desires
    flow through the bodies silent.
    Words beyond words float
    to and fro between us.... more »

  • I Am Wind

    I am Wind...
    I blow freely wherever I want to blow,
    I glide over your body tickling your skin.
    I sing and murmur piping into your ears.... more »

  • If

    If I had the right notes I would play you a tune
    But all the notes I have are mute...
    If I had the right words I would make you a song
    But all the words I have are wrong....... more »

  • If My Wildest Dream Could Sing...

    If my wildest dream could sing,
    It would sing a cradle song,
    Try to lull you all day long,
    Make you sleep and never leave,... more »

  • I'M Alive

    When you call for me
    Look up at the sky,
    I have deployed my wings
    And high I now fly.... more »

  • Life On A String

    You tied that string around my neck.
    And I became your thing.
    A slave, a toy, without a soul-
    A rope-pulled, puppet piece.... more »

  • Midnight Marauders

    In the dead of night, when the world goes to sleep,
    When nightly creatures out of hide outs creep,
    In a darkest alley meet two midnight marauders-
    Two free spirit wanderers, two adventure seekers.... more »

  • Mud

    I love to be lost
    In the sound that mud makes
    when it is soft and wet
    And begs your lingering fingers... more »

  • Ocean Of Desire

    Your soul drags my soul into an ocean of passion.
    Your gaze fixes my gaze as we invade each other,
    You reach my heart in the frenzy of passion,
    I give in with pleasure and watch as you conquer.... more »

  • Oh Lord, Be My Light

    There are many a time when I reap despair
    I wrongly believe in the false love of Man,
    There are many a time when I forget
    And do odd things that I regret.... more »

  • Raptures- An Acrostic

    R aw is the fire feeding my desire,
    A rdent the flame, bereft of shame.
    P leasure immense and hunger intense,
    T ake over my mind to make it blind.... more »

  • Shaping The Shapeless

    In the silent realm of a shady womb,
    Where experience is but in liquid form,
    Where the sinewy yarns of bodies loom,
    Lay our souls, shapeless and warm.... more »

  • Sing My Heart, Sing...

    Sing my heart, sing…

    Sing my heart, sing….
    Sing the song of the pristine lovers, passionate with a growing fire.... more »

  • The Darkening Cave

    Pull me to the darkening cave where I love to grope and lose my way.
    Take me to that unplumbed place where surrender is the only way.
    Let me turn blind for absence of light and mute for absence of words.
    Let only whispers reach my ears as the sounds hit the walls in whirls.... more »

  • The Living Guitar

    You strap me across your shoulders broad,
    And clasp your fingers over my fret board.
    In frenzied passion you caress my neck.
    With so much love my tuning you check.... more »

  • The Mermaid's Farewell To The Sailor...

    I sang, you came and you fascinated me.
    Never so charming a creature did I see.
    You seemed so solid and sanguine to me,
    Like me, you roamed the unknown, carefree.... more »

  • The Old Butterfly Net

    I carry along an old butterfly net,
    With a yawning hole in it set.
    Whatever it captures,
    Briefly flutters,... more »