• A Cursed Paradise- Kashmir

    City of saints
    Is mourning
    Dark shaded blood
    Reflecting on leaves... more »

  • Agitated Love

    Agitated i am,
    to hold your hand,
    and to take all you woes.... more »

  • Caged Me

    Like a kite, i am
    Dancing in the storm
    Roaming in realities now
    Unaware of my destiny... more »

  • Deceptive Love

    I deviated without any reason,
    In the illusive shadows,
    In the echoed whispers,
    In the reflected deepness of your eyes,... more »

  • Eminent Love

    Everyone is sleeping,
    I am couching all alone,
    Your whispering breaths were my patting tones.
    That sleep was colorful and peaceful for me.... more »

  • Graveyard Of My Dreams

    The graveyard of my dreams,
    Is greenish again.
    The birds are chirping beautifully,
    Unaware of the burried emotions,... more »

  • Happiness And Sorrow

    In every life a little rain must fall
    Grains of happiness needs a little shower
    In every saga little distances must come
    Walking on aisle needs a little to shed off... more »

  • Life

    Life, a mad man's song
    Holding onto my throbbing lips
    Joyous are the waves of happiness
    Heart aching are it's sounds in misery... more »

  • Lost Moon

    Without you what I am, a cursed night?
    Who is looking for you, in it's own darkness
    With candles of my dreams, consuming faith
    And eyes of a fagged, shrieking mad wolf... more »

  • Madman Of My Streets

    Ask that madman of my streets
    who narrates tales in the language
    of laughs and perplexing words
    which an obtuse like me never gets.... more »

  • My Valentine

    Make the colours sing
    The crazy song of love
    The colours of you and me
    Dance barefoot... more »

  • Tale Of A Heaven-Kashmir

    Headstones are in the hearts
    Don't have the space in the ground
    People are buried in the screams
    Don't have patience for the sobs... more »

  • The People Of This Isle

    Oh The People of this Isle!
    Ornaments you face
    with the jewelery of happiness
    in the joy and grief... more »

  • Unveiled Beauty

    Behind the veiled faces
    Lies lacerating realities
    Of beauteous faces
    Which once were so heavenly for me.... more »