I have been writing for some time now. Mostly i get my ideas from around me. I have traveled across the world to many countries. My favorite county is Egypt because of the history.


Neferkare Anak Poems


Sitting in the corner looking towards the coming day, I watch and angle of my time smile and laugh.
Sitting in the corner is an angle that taught me everything.
He taught me to care.
He taught me to be who I am.... more »

Desert Whisper

A horn sounds in the distant sands.
The wind is intense blowing into my face.
I turn to my guards and say,
“ Go back to the city, the desert will not harm me for I am just a visitor that seeks peace.”... more »


Sing it, celebrate it, praise it, clap to it.
Pass it on to one another. Hold it and look in side.
All the unwritten things it holds. Wonderful things. Light, hope, dreams, faith, and everything.... more »

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