• A Seidel Of Love

    Entire universe revolved
    in the dilated pupil of her sapphire eyes
    opening the gateways
    of the ethereal world of soulful love... more »

  • A Walk To Remember

    A camaraderie that faded with passing time,

    Wrangle manifested our relation's fragile side,
    Acrimony filled our hearts and minds,... more »

  • Being A Women

    Caged in relations,
    bounded by commitments,
    imprisoned by society,
    chained by customs.... more »

  • Can'T Let You Go

    Life without you is impossible to think,
    how will I survive, having no link.
    This frozen thought often scares me in night,
    I scream out in my dreams turning deadly white.... more »

  • Chained By Love

    No matter how long may be distances,
    no matter I draw thousand fences.
    Still you are there in my heart,
    no barriers, no arguments have been able to draw you apart.... more »

  • Darkness Prevailed

    Satanic stratus benighted the world,
    An era of destruction unfurled.
    Evil clenching the pristine souls,
    Verdure shriveled; rising human toll.... more »

  • Desolation

    Incarcerated within these derelict walls
    portraying the mosaics of your malignity
    desolated and scourged
    screams muffled in deafening silence... more »

  • Gadgets Personified

    World is taking a sharp turn,
    humans today are technology driven,
    Ornamented with Gizmos and Gadgets,
    devoid of them and they hardly run.... more »

  • Last Words

    My pagan soul acted blasphemously all life
    immune to the consequences of profane deeds done
    but resting on deathbed as I awaited my demise
    entrapped in the circle of life and death, hell and heaven... more »

  • Loneliness

    When the night begins,
    a fear comes from within.
    In these lonely ways,
    there's no one who forever stays.... more »

  • Love's Demise

    Her gleaming eyes deceived everyone,
    but to him they were like mirrors,
    unwittingly evincing desolation,
    reflecting her misery and solitariness,... more »

  • Mist Of Your Memories

    Sitting by my bedside window,
    I often feel very low.
    Even this day has gone without your sight,
    turning down all my hopes, shadowing every light.... more »

  • My Confession

    Today, when I saw you again,
    So many moments were revisited.
    I had a dream walk down the memory lane.
    I could feel the same numbness, I felt,... more »

  • Nemesis

    Sanguinity coffined
    buried in the graveyards of despair
    My soul asphyxiated
    within the coop of savage love... more »

  • Palliative Prayer

    As those slumberous eyes retire
    seeking for comfort and relief,
    I pray to the Lord, to absorb all his
    agony as he sleeps.... more »

  • Quest With My Destiny

    I lay curled in a dark corner,
    Forming a blanket around,
    Feeling insecure and unprotected,
    Rejected and dejected,... more »

  • Rememberance

    People whom you love can be
    out of your life but not your mind.
    Everything related to them around you
    let the past moments to unwind.... more »

  • Since You'Ve Left

    You swore to walk along,
    through my highs & lows.
    Still you’ve left me alone,
    In this race of life.... more »

  • Strangled Strings

    Sapphire studded choker of silver
    a token of tender affection
    reminiscence of bereaved beloved
    once a treasure... more »

  • Symphony Of Souls

    A dulcet euphony reverberating in the ambience,
    Starlit darkness adding to the evening’s crepuscular charm,
    Air aromatized by floral carpets,
    shrouding the place with an aura of love,... more »

  • The Hunt

    Her beautiful visage, a snare and delusion
    screening the verity of her malicious character
    A deceitful smile, an enchanting flattery
    baits for her tonight’s hunt... more »

  • The Last Meeting

    With a restless past week
    & uneasiness all around.
    The day is finally here
    within me I could here a mournful sound.... more »

  • The Passion Of Love

    Your eyes deeply penetrating into mine,
    conveying every word & line.
    Igniting the fire of your love,
    making it harder, to sustain my nerve.... more »

  • The Wall

    The time has been changing eversince,
    the stories have been rewritten,
    so many people have become history,
    major happenings of past are forgotten chapters.... more »

  • Webs Of Illusions

    A mystical night contriving the threads of destinies
    as the secluded alabaster castle scintillates alienation of her soul
    palisade of glaciating waterfalls skirting its impenetrable bounds
    moonlight-shimmers creating a chimerical canvas occulting the cynicism... more »