• He

    Hidden from the world
    curled in the corner
    he persists to live.
    His reality, his existence... more »

  • His Shadow

    He sits on a mountain top, his eyes on the magistral eagle.
    the wispy clouds float below him, the blue sky envelopes him,
    he looks down upon the cluster of reality, merged in his circumstantial life,
    his world has become mundane.... more »

  • Hold On To Me

    i wish to sleep embraced in your arms,
    hold me till you drive away my fears.
    let not the morning come,
    for it will separate me from your warmth,... more »

  • I Begin In You

    I awoke to the sense of you,
    My heart tingles at the thought of you,
    This separation holds an aching despair,
    Oh how wondrous is the throb,... more »

  • My Friend, My Courage

    Driving down the countryside, in a second hand car,
    Just me and my curiosity for company.
    Stopping in small towns where nature and old
    whithering history is there only attraction.... more »

  • Reason

    At the crack of uncertainty,
    held by the claws of resistance,
    placed before me is reason.
    Impeccably presenting herself in perfection.... more »

  • She

    she lives, she breathes
    she gives life meaning
    she frets, she laughs
    she makes you smile... more »

  • You And I

    Breathe me into your arms,
    Shatter each inhibition,
    Strike the match upon the earth,
    Let the flames engulf us in famish,... more »