• Battlefield

    ‘Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.’ Mark 5: 5

    They say Diogenes lived in a wooden-barrel in Athens... more »

  • Blackbird Flying Over Belfast Lough


    A black dart fleeting,
    the yellow bill truth of it.... more »

  • Hakiu

    the frost sprayed grass
    a white sea, cold with open wind -
    city parks in winter... more »

  • Putting On The Hardwall

    That thud sound of mud
    like earthen-hue plaster
    lifted and slapped
    from hawk and board,... more »

  • Seven Days Of The River Lagan

    Monday: soapy, hot – the end of a boil wash.
    Tuesday: pond-like. Flat. Pavement-still.
    Wednesday: starling-balled above.
    Thursday: ruffled. Wind curled.... more »

  • Soak

    New Moon, New Moon
    blue as the December bride;
    blue in the face
    thick shone about... more »

  • The Forcing Sheds

    West Yorkshire, Wakefield -
    the 'Rhubarb triangle'.
    The forcing sheds worked
    in silence as if they were... more »

  • The Horse Of Verner Street, Belfast

    It was a quiet street on a quiet day
    And as I passed the stable-yard
    I happened to look in and there
    A horse was stood which had those eyes... more »

  • The Snow Robin

    A brave robin up high on a church steeple,
    Winter-king of all he surveys -... more »

  • Torque

    See the liquid golden fury arrow throughout the universe.
    Tore from a field of flames, a clutch of burning solar flares
    Balled into an object. What form it shifts as it moves,
    Towards our place, our blueness, tilted on an axis, trundling.... more »