• A Certain Silence

    When our empty world spins silently
    black rains will wash the sky
    and the sun will shine ferociously
    upon seas that have boiled dry.... more »

  • A Consequence Of Grief

    So altered from that sombre day when first I stood in stunted grief
    surrounded by the crying, ever needy throng.
    a huddle of blackened, shuffling living corpses
    fighting to out-grieve the next, I had become invisible it seemed.... more »

  • A Kiss Too Late

    Regretably the moment passed,
    For one last kiss, the chance expired.
    Invisibly your time amassed,
    To go beyond all things desired.... more »

  • A Transaction

    ... more »

  • All Night Vigil

    By the time you arrived home that morning
    I had convinced myself that you had gone forever.
    The fact that you had, seemed weirdly irrelevant,
    the finale almost.... more »

  • April

    I recall now to minds desire
    when first we met in fields of fire,
    cowering there upon the stairs,
    your presence caught me unawares.... more »

  • Autumn

    I went back to our avenue of autumn gold today
    to see if you would always be there as you'd said.
    Yet found that even there, our most treasured of places,
    was quiet, still and empty of one other living soul.... more »

  • Beasts

    What of this beast of shallow mind
    that preys upon the meek and kind,
    whose marble heart beats cold and still
    whilst searching out the meek of will.... more »

  • Blowing Kisses To The Moon

    Silently imagined faces fade into
    the next relentless waking day.
    As you lie softly sleeping
    in your somewhere cots,... more »

  • Brief Interlude

    So soon when the rising moon washes
    this land with its blanket of white,
    I will muster my memories together
    to join you before the new light.... more »

  • Brother

    What greater love have I to find
    than that which healed this broken mind.
    A soul who cradled through each night
    a tiny child transfixed in fright.... more »

  • By Candlelight

    Step inside this place of loving
    surely turn the timeworn lock,
    listen out for signs of living
    far beyond the chiming clock.... more »

  • Cold Days

    You called today on one of your 'Official Visits' to our home
    the place where tempers had been silenced
    and where passions had been fully spent.
    I kissed the lipstick traces on your cup when you had gone.... more »

  • Conscience

    ... more »

  • Contented Child

    One tiny heart beats softly in the room across the way,
    a sleep now fuelled by kindness that has graced her world today.
    On lightning steeds she rides to worlds imagined by pure mind
    watched over by soft moonlight and by love left here behind.... more »

  • Death Of The Matriarch

    Such mixed emotions flood my head
    this day that one last curtain fell,
    at last the matriarch is dead
    now gone to burn where demons dwell.... more »

  • December....Again

    It's bluest cold and darkest grey
    And you will never pass this way..
    Again.... more »

  • Deeper Blue

    I call here to this place again,
    to say those words unsaid.
    To gently mask relentless pain,
    take comfort from the dead.... more »

  • Desperate Times

    I hope when your ego is scraping the ceiling
    and your mirrors grow tired of that smile,
    you will choke on the guilt trip denying you feeling
    and drown in seductive style.... more »

  • For My Children

    Until a kiss such as this will arouse you
    much warmer than all of the rest
    I will tenderly drown you in laughter,
    then my sweet birds will launch from the nest.... more »

  • Goodbye Valentine

    So now you stand out from the shadows my darling,
    Without any need for disguise.
    Gone now the warmth and the vision of beauty,
    Blinded by wishing well lies.... more »

  • Hangman

    Fall out from the shadows come forth to the light
    step up to the gallows and crawl that last flight.
    Behind are your dreams slowly waving goodbye
    That cold heart will soon be blown out to the sky.... more »

  • Heart

    Faltering heart pump waves of heat
    into this freezing chest,
    such places have been battered in the storm.
    Sustain me with a rhythm of your own... more »

  • Holding Time

    I awoke as if like lightning then
    to realise that ten years on,
    all memory of your face had faded,
    that old great healer time had called again.... more »

  • I Am The Child Within

    With one last push and one huge scream
    I stumbled forth into the light
    Released at last from you, the first and final time.
    Pink and smooth and plastered in the remnants of your task,... more »