All my life I have been attracted to the seedier aspects of life which I put down to my mother being a drunk and my step-father not giving a damn.
So I left home at the age of 16 too seek my fame and fortune and ended up 5 years later in a re-hab clinic having suffered a nervous break-down....boy did I get that wrong.
So I've travelled and drank my way acroos this country more than once and finally set down in the small town of Weston.
It's ok here I suppose if you like watching OAP's just sitting around waiting to die...but for now I make do.


Neil Gray Poems

Black Coffee, Wednesday Morning.

'So I take it you're going to be
there next weekend then? '

She's stood in the kitchen... more »

Everyone's A Critic.

I wear them with pride
the scars on my sins,... more »

In Memory Of Brother Jake.

I have a tattoo
on my arm
to remind me of that
November we spent... more »

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Kate Hamilton 28 Dec 2006 01:27
I like. I thought that was all that needed to be said but the computer demanded more.
Not Long Left 14 Apr 2006 07:09
Not all of Neils poems will appeal to everyone, everyone being those that choose to hide from the truth preffering to deny it. Neil embraces it, the sordid, the scary, the leftover ills of broken dreams, the drunkeness, the lonely, and the pained. He does this through humour, raw honest words and thoughts and with keen eye for detail. I am glad i come across his work. Vincent